Festival in Gironde: The great return to jazz with Entre-deux–Mers

Jazz 360 is back and seeing bigger.

Festival in Gironde: The great return to jazz with Entre-deux–Mers

Jazz 360 is back and seeing bigger. The Entre-deux-Mers Festival, which was cancelled in 2020 and postponed to 2021 due to major health issues, returns to its normal format from June 3-12. It extends to seven nights or days, each with a different location.

The perimeter extends from Latresne through Langoiran, with Cenac as its anchor point. There are many styles to choose from: atypical projects, traditional music, swing, gypsy, and downright dancing. At Quinsac's end, the Electric Vocuhila Quartet, which combines African zouglou with Ornette Coleman influences, will be performing. The majority of concerts are free. Program Spotlight

Henri Texier, who was active for 60 years and shared the stage with Chet Baker or Aldo Romano is one of the most important figures in French jazz. He will be on Friday 3 in Saint-Caprais-de-Bordeaux at the head of his quintet, Chance, to combine the deep sound of his double bass with often meditative compositions. There should be everything that shaped his career: a bop heritage and a taste for beautiful melodies. Emmanuel Borghi (keyboardist at Magma), will replace Manu Codjia (8.30 p.m.; 15 and 20 euro).

Jazz 360 puts the spotlight on Isabel Sorling's voice this year. Isabel Sorling is also featured in the spotlight. She was used to complement Airelle Besson's warm trumpet for Saturday 4, 20 h 30, Cenac. There are two ways to sing melodies over a fine harmonic bed. Voice lovers will also enjoy the concerts of Flora Estel that mix jazz and French song (Monday 6, in Cambes) or the jazz meals prepared by the LB duo at Cenac.

Festival remains committed to original music formats. On Saturday, June 4, in Cenac. Gael Rouilhac, guitarist, will be performing in a trio with accordion and violin at 3:00 p.m. to explore the worlds of gypsy jazz and musette, as well as traditional music.

Entre les terres will be presented at 6 p.m. by Jacky Molard and Girondin Francois Corneloup. This project is a collaboration between Jacky Molard, the violinist, and Girondin Francois Corneloup. It will feature a combination of strings (violin and cello) and winds(saxophone and clarinet). The concert will explore improvised, contemporary, and traditional music from Brittany to Gascony. Anne Quillier, the Lyonnais pianist, will present Hirsute at 8:30 p.m. before the Airelle Besson concert. This strange mix of rock energy and modern jazz will be presented by Hirsute.

We will hear Hammond organ a lot this year. This instrument, which is typical of the 1950s/60s, will be used at the appropriate registers: Funk/rhythm'nblues with the Crispy Tends (Sunday 5 at 2:30 p.m. in Latresnes), or the Kilometers (Friday 10 a.m. in Langoiran), jazz with the Callaghan quartet on Saturday 11 at 6:30 p.m. in Camblanes), and soul/rock with Don d’organ trio on Sunday 12 noon in Quinsac).