Feijóo asks Ayuso and the PP to focus on the economy without going into the "smoke screens" of Sánchez, whom he sees as "weak"

He says that Sánchez has shown his "weakness" to his partners and "is giving up the institutions" to spend a few more months in Moncloa.

Feijóo asks Ayuso and the PP to focus on the economy without going into the "smoke screens" of Sánchez, whom he sees as "weak"

He says that Sánchez has shown his "weakness" to his partners and "is giving up the institutions" to spend a few more months in Moncloa


The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has defended this Saturday before the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the Madrid PP to focus on the economy and what worries citizens, without entering the "smoke screens " and the "sterile debates" that the Government of Pedro Sánchez puts on the table, which he considers the "least prepared, weakest and most divided" of democracy.

"President Sánchez has shown his internal weakness and being a prisoner and prey of the political parties," Feijóo proclaimed at the closing of the XVII Congress of the PP in Madrid, one day after Ayuso was elected president of the party with 99.12 % of the votes, something that confirms, in his opinion, that the party comes out "more united, committed and solid" to face a "new stage", with an eye on the regional and municipal elections of 2023.

Feijóo has assured that Ayuso and he have in common the "attacks" of the Government and the left, something that he has attributed to the fact that the PSOE is closer to losing the elections", both those in Madrid and the general ones. "Get ready, Isabel! I am prepared for them to attack us every day. That's a good sign," he stressed.

Next, Feijóo has focused his criticism on the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, which he considers the "less prepared, weaker and more divided Government" of democracy, which also "does not know how to deal" with the crises it has to face the country. "And I don't say it in a satisfactory way, but rather with great concern", he emphasized, before a dedicated audience.

According to the head of the opposition, the Sánchez government is "designed to politicize on Twitter, show off photos on Instagram or generate artificial debates in gatherings." In addition, he has pointed out that it is a "weak" government because it does not have the capacity to decide.

Thus, he stressed that Sánchez has shown "his weakness before his partners and, therefore, he is paying all the State institutions so that his parliamentary partners leave him a few more months in La Moncloa."

"Sánchez has also shown enormous improvisation and weakness in Spanish foreign policy. He has weakened all the basic foreign policy consensus of the last 40 years. And he has distanced us from the Atlantic institutions because our Atlantic partners do not believe in Sánchez's partners. ", has manifested.

In addition to being "an unprepared and weak government", he has affirmed that in Spain they have a "divided" government, in which not only the PSOE ministers confront those of Podemos, but also the socialist ministers themselves and "all against everyone".

In his opinion, the "paradox" is that while talking about the "messes" of the Sánchez Executive, there is no mention that Spain "is the country with the highest inflation" in the EU and that it has not recovered its wealth prior to the pandemic .

"While we debate the fine print of the latest smokescreen, we are not talking about the fact that we are not capable of balancing the accounts and that we are mortgaging Spain with one of the largest public debts in the EU," he stressed.

In this sense, he has indicated that "while the Government tries to entangle Spain in sterile debates", every day Spanish families, especially those with medium and low incomes, have "more difficulties to make ends meet".

In addition, Feijóo has affirmed that in Spain the institutions "have ceased to be such and are now simply satellites of the PSOE", citing the case of the State Attorney General's Office, the State Attorney's Office, the National Intelligence Center (CNI) or the Sociological Research Center (CIS).

Regarding the CIS, he pointed out that "the same person always wins", alluding to Sánchez, but he stressed that even this survey shows that two out of three Spaniards consider that the economic situation in Spain is bad or very bad, and a good part of Spaniards admit that the country's main problems are the crisis and unemployment.

"The sum of all the issues that have focused the Government's decisions in recent months has nothing to do with the concerns of the Spanish", he has complained, to underline that the PP that he directs will worry about those problems of citizens because he wants a "competitive Spain, with less deficit and less debt" and "with more employment and more welfare".

At this point, he has said that "that is what they are going to dedicate themselves to" in the PP until the polls open and they will continue "proposing reforms and measures." In fact, he has advanced that if the measures they propose are "none" by the Executive, as has happened so far with his economic plan, they will have them ready for when they arrive in Moncloa.

"At this point in my life and my political career, with the economic, social, institutional and territorial situation in our country, I do not want nor intend to waste time or energy in debates that lead nowhere or enter into controversies that they do not serve to improve people's lives," he stressed.

Feijóo has once again called on his party not to focus on "wasting time" or "getting entangled" in the fine print of "smokescreens" that the Sánchez government puts on the table to "distract" from the main thing .

"I have come to improve my country, its politics, its economy and its institutions", declared the leader of the PP, to underline that this moment of "enormous difficulty" that is already noticeable in Spain will be noticed more in the coming months and years .

Feijóo has said that he wants a PP that "looks like the people" and that is "very broad and diverse." "I want a PP with hunger and hunger is winning. And winning is exactly the opposite of losing", he assured, to warn that as long as they win they will be "useful" to the citizens and that if they do not, they must make way for "other companions who achieve it".

"For that, let's mix with the people. We come from there, in the center of the people is where we are. Let's not waste time in other riots and other sterile discussions," the president of the 'popular' has abounded.

In addition, and although he knows that the people of Madrid do not like "impositions", he has asked the Madrid PP to present "solid" candidates in the 179 Madrid municipalities before next year's elections. In the case of the Community of Madrid, he has been convinced that, after this congress, they have already laid "the first stone of the next absolute majority" in the regional elections of May 2023. "Win, win and work", he concluded , with a standing ovation from the delegates.


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