Father and son sentenced for selling cannabis online

Dennis D.

Father and son sentenced for selling cannabis online

Dennis D. was found guilty, among other things, of drug trafficking by gangs in Mende, and Götz D. of aiding and abetting. The 31-year-old was also placed in a withdrawal facility because of drug use.

According to the chamber's findings, Dennis D. started dealing in cannabis from his parents' home in the Steglitz district in mid-2021 in order to pay off debts. Due to another conviction, he was first in open prison, then on probation.

He sent the cannabis by post to customers throughout Germany. According to the verdict, he sold around 160 grams per day at first, and eventually even one and a half kilograms. According to the indictment, he is said to have sent over 60,000 drug shipments and earned millions in the process.

According to the presiding judge, his parents are actively supporting him, and the 31-year-old had a "gang agreement" with them. Götz D. "supported his son with advice and action", encouraged him to make even more profit, said the judge.

The mother helped fill the shipping packages and laundered the money. The case against her was separated for health reasons, and the woman is being tried separately.

According to the court, the 63-year-old also ran his own cannabis plantation in Upper Franconia, with which he "wanted to trade profitably". He also owned three firearms, both of which the court also convicted him of.

With its verdict, the chamber was just below the demands of the public prosecutor's office, which had demanded eight years imprisonment for Dennis and five years for Götz D. Two 30 and 33-year-old defendants who support Dennis D. with the shipment were also sentenced on Friday – to two years and eight months in prison and one year and eight months probation.