Fall Guys: the game becomes completely free

It was one of the most anticipated announcements of recent days.

Fall Guys: the game becomes completely free

It was one of the most anticipated announcements of recent days. The crazy Fall Guys is about to become completely free-to-play, in addition to landing on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles.

Dozens of colorful little men who jostle cheerfully through mini-games of all kinds in order to obtain the one and only crown of the winner, the concept of Fall Guys had everything to please, and it pleased. The release of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, almost 2 years ago, quickly turned into a small event, the game having quickly conquered the hearts and keyboards of players around the world. So that in December 2020, the game had already sold more than 11 million copies. Since then, Fall Guys has come a long way, and its success has not escaped the giant Epic Games, which took a close interest in its case, and bought Mediatonic, the studio behind the game in 2021. But enough talked about the past of this pleasant "Battle Royale", what interests us today is its future.

After Epic Games took over Mediatonic a year ago, speculation was rife about the future of Fall Guys. We seriously wondered when it would become completely free-to-play. Because Epic Games has a knack for making essential titles free. We obviously remember the treatment of Rocket League, bought by Epic to be offered exclusively and for free on the Epic Games Store. Well this Monday, Epic Games announced the passage of Fall Guys in free-to-play on June 21. Concretely, the little game will be removed from Steam to be offered exclusively and free of charge on the Epic Games Store. Reminds you of something?

Mediatonic has of course not forgotten all the players who have already purchased Fall Guys in the past two years. The studio decided to reward them by providing them with an in-game content pack, named Legacy Pack. It will include rare cosmetics and access to the game's first Season Pass, which will begin with Fall Guys Season One, soon. The game will also keep its free progression system and its currency, the Kudos.

The other announcement that marked Monday evening from Epic Games and Mediatonic was the arrival of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles (Xbox One, Series X and Series X) on the 21st. next June. The game will be completely and free of charge accessible from the Xbox Store and the Nintendo Store as soon as it becomes free-to-play. We also know that a version specially designed for the Playstation 5 should soon appear.