Faes Farma is considering making a purchase to accelerate its growth in 2022

A year with «positive perspectives.

Faes Farma is considering making a purchase to accelerate its growth in 2022

A year with «positive perspectives. This is how the president of Faes Farma Mariano Ucar has described the situation in which the Basque pharmaceutical company finds itself in 2022. According to the figures presented this Wednesday at the general meeting of shareholders held in Bilbao, the company foresees an increase in 11% on your net profit. In addition, he has assured that he does not rule out carrying out a corporate operation before the end of the year that will allow him to further accelerate the pace of growth.

And it is that, the perspectives of closing of the exercise could not be more “positive”. According to his calculations, in December the net sales figure will be 8% higher than the previous year.

As a result, earnings are expected to grow 10%.

As explained by Ucar, these numbers are largely explained by the fact that the company this year has recovered the volume of orders for Bilastine in Japan. To this should be added the launch of Calcifediol and Mesalazine in new markets, two compounds that are also experiencing sustained growth wherever they are present.

Among the priority projects in which the company is immersed, the most important of those detailed in the meeting goes through the determined commitment that the company has approved for innovation and research. If in 2021 the investment in I D i was 25 million euros, this year it is expected to increase that figure to 32 million euros, which represents 8.5% of the turnover of the pharma division.

To manage this budget, it has announced the creation of a new global structure for this field. The area will focus on the investigation of new compounds. In addition, the firm will horizontally integrate the I D i, Strategic Marketing and Medical Management departments, so that each area has a defined task.

In parallel, for the sake of growth and expansion, both nationally and internationally, it is not ruled out to carry out corporate operations that allow "accelerating" the planned growth. On the table is the possibility of acquiring registrations or patents developed by other laboratories. As explained by Ucar, the company has a "solid" financial position and "no debt" that would allow it to face such investments.