Exercises and tips: How facial yoga should ensure firmer skin - and what other benefits it has

For many it is important to keep the body fit: whether by jogging, fitness or yoga, for example.

Exercises and tips: How facial yoga should ensure firmer skin - and what other benefits it has

For many it is important to keep the body fit: whether by jogging, fitness or yoga, for example. However, only a few train the face - there are at least 26 muscles there that we should also pay attention to and train them regularly. Face yoga is a hip way to do that. Regular training smoothes the skin and promotes blood circulation. But how exactly does that work? And what should you pay attention to?

Facial yoga, also known as face yoga, is training for the facial muscles. Various exercises relax the face and strengthen the muscles. A few minutes a day are enough to even provide a visible anti-aging effect. The basic idea of ​​face yoga comes from Fumiko Takatsu. After a serious car accident, she wanted to get her skin back in shape and developed corresponding facial exercises. She was able to specifically strengthen the muscles in her face and tighten the skin again. She has recorded her techniques and passed on her experiences in several books, such as "The Ultimate Guide to the Face Yoga Method". There are now other authors who have developed their own techniques.

However, the basic idea is the same for everyone: The combination of muscle tension and relaxation as well as light massages with the hands (or suitable aids such as a jade roller) stimulates blood circulation in the skin, tightens it and makes it look fresher. You can see the first results after just a few runs.

Regular training strengthens your facial muscles in the long term - just like you do with the muscles in the rest of your body when you go to the gym. Effects of facial yoga can be about:

You can do facial muscle training every day at home without much effort and train areas such as forehead, cheeks, the area around the eyes, lips and also the neck and décolleté. Many exercises can be performed using facial expressions or hands. For some exercises, however, aids such as the "Face Former" can also be worthwhile. You put it in your mouth and you can use far more muscles than with facial expressions and massages alone. This makes the exercises more intensive and you can observe the effects more quickly.

However, before beginning face yoga, it is important to wash both hands and face thoroughly. You can use micellar water or a cleansing gel for this. If you have dry skin, it is best to use a rich moisturizer or serum before performing the exercises so that your fingers can glide over the skin better. At the same time, products are naturally worked into the skin with the massage. So a double effect.

There are many different exercises for each area of ​​the face. These can look like this:

In this exercise, you gently tilt your head back and shape your lips as if you are about to kiss someone in the air. You repeat this ten times and also make noises as if you were kissing. After that, the face is relaxed and you take a deep breath. As you exhale imagine blowing out a candle. At the same time, move your lips forward. Repeat this two more times.

Form a "C" with your thumb and forefinger and place it around your eyes with a little pressure. The index fingers should be above the eyebrows, the thumbs on the cheekbones. With your eyes wide open, try to raise your eyebrows. Quite exaggerated, as if one would be really frightened. You should hold this for three to four seconds the first time. Repeat three more times, holding the position for ten seconds after the first time.

Those who decide to start with facial yoga can do exercises daily and do not have to worry about getting sore muscles or feeling tightness in their face. You can easily integrate them into your skin care routine and do them in the evening, for example, if you are also applying rich care products. Or you can do it after getting up to start the day very actively.

Everyone can do facial muscle training the way they like: with or without aids, in the evening or in the morning. No matter how and when: facial yoga has no disadvantages. And: A light massage of the temples, for example, has a beneficial effect, especially if you have a slight headache or are stressed. Just try it yourself.

Quelle: Instagram Fumiko Takatsu

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