Eucharistic celebration: gifts for communion: young church members are happy about these ideas

For members of the Catholic Church, First Communion is an important step in a child's life.

Eucharistic celebration: gifts for communion: young church members are happy about these ideas

For members of the Catholic Church, First Communion is an important step in a child's life. The celebration of the Eucharist is one of the seven sacraments of becoming a Christian, along with baptism, confession, confirmation, marriage, ordination and the anointing of the sick. At Holy Communion, the young church members are taken into the "mating community" (the "Communio"). For this reason, the day is very special for the children and their families. And of course that has to be celebrated. If you are still looking for a suitable gift, you may find what you are looking for in the list below.

Giving away money may not be very creative, but that's not the point here. In fact, the idea behind it is that the recipient can fulfill an individual wish after communion. Or the money is saved for a larger goal (e.g. a bicycle). And so that the gift doesn't look too stylish, it can be presented as a money envelope.

If you cannot (or are not allowed to) attend the Eucharistic celebration in person, there is the option of sending a personal bouquet of flowers. Your First Communion congratulations will be delivered personally by the supplier - on the day and at the address you have selected in advance. With suppliers like Blume2000 you will find a large selection.

A thematically appropriate gift for First Communion is this wooden cross including a porcelain angel and a blessing ("The Lord bless and protect you") for the Eucharistic celebration. There is a small recess on the back to allow the cross to be hung on the wall. With loving details, the gift is an eye-catcher in the children's room.

It's a real classic when it comes to communion gifts: the children's bible. This edition is a hardcover book by Martin Polster, summarizing the most important stories from the congregation, beautiful illustrations by Ludvik Glazer-Naudé and a dedicated page for the personal dedication of the First Communion.

An equally popular symbol that is given away on special occasions such as First Communion is the Guardian Angel. In this case, it adorns a subtle armand by F.Zeni and is made of 925 sterling silver. The size can be adjusted individually, so you don't have to worry about the fit in advance.

As an alternative to the wooden cross, you can also give away a smaller version in the form of a charm pendant with a lobster clasp made of 925 silver. The symbolism remains the same, only in this case the cross is worn on the wrist - and can be expanded to include other charms (also without a religious background).

This small box contains a colorful mix of 50 cards with blessings, sayings and quotations from the Bible. The small gift is ideal for First Communion, as it is intended to accompany the young church members on their further journey - as a source of inspiration, for motivation or simply for more trust, happiness and confidence.

A souvenir album is a good way to record the most beautiful impressions of First Communion in writing. The guests can refuse, i.e. friends and family members, as well as the children themselves. The 48-page book with a high-quality synthetic leather cover and a gold book edge not only contains space for your own anecdotes, but also illustrations.

Of course, the (baptismal) godparents should not be missing on the day of the Eucharistic celebration. They accompany the children throughout their lives and should always be at their side with advice and action. The book "You are something very special! The first communion album for my godchild" is ideal for this special event. It contains personal messages and notes from the child.

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to the thematically appropriate book "Full Power: The First Communion Kids". It is about a group of children who belong to the same First Communion group - and have exciting adventures together outside of class. According to the provider, the stories are suitable for little bookworms from the age of seven.

In principle, children receive First Communion only after they have been baptized. In addition, they must have regularly attended communion classes before celebrating the Eucharist. While it used to be a tradition to hold the feast on "White Sunday" (the first Sunday after Easter), nowadays - for organizational reasons - there is no longer a fixed day for First Communion. And the age can also vary: Most children are between eight and nine years old, so they are in the third grade when they receive their first communion.

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