Essentials to Carry on a Motorcycle Road Trip

If it's your first time pacing for a motorbike road trip, the thought of fitting everything that you might need on your bike can be overwhelming

Essentials to Carry on a Motorcycle Road Trip

If it's your first time pacing for a motorbike road trip, the thought of fitting everything that you might need on your bike can be overwhelming. You might start listing all the things you use daily & wonder how you can fit them in your motorcycle saddlebags. With some careful & strategic packing, you can pack everything that you may require.

You can start with determining what you should carry as your motorbike luggage. Remember the word “need” not “want.” Motorbike tours are all about getting rid of the unnecessary & hitting an open road. Following are the essentials that one must bring on a motorbike road trip.

A Good Map

Best motorcycle trips are more about the journey than the destination. How you manage to get there is more important than where you end up being. Anything that has a certainty of going wrong will go wrong, is a general rule for going by electronic devices that can fail.

The map will never disappoint you. Apart from the reason for relying on a map in an emergency, overviewing the trip for getting a big picture & identifying good roads is a great idea. It's better if you carry waterproof or tear-resistant with you.

GPS Navigation Unit

Undoubtedly, carrying a map on your motorbike road trip is a good choice, but you can’t look at them while riding the convenient way of knowing where you are headed is using some satellite navigation gadget.

However, you can mount your cell phone on your motorcycle for that purpose but there’s no better substitute for a motorcycle-specific GPS. Most of them have big touch screens that are specially designed to be operational with your motorcycle gloves on.

Motorcycle Travel Tool Kit

Even the slightest mechanical failure has the potential of ruining your motorbike road trip. You might not be able to do big and extensive repairs yourself, but you should be equipped to make the usual ones.

So, make sure you carry a good motorbike tool kit to carry with you. If not for some emergency, you will require a portable tool kit for usual maintenance, such as tightening your bike’s chain or mirror.

Ear Plugs

Earplugs are one of the most essential accessories you should carry on a motorbike long tour.

High-speed travels lead to lots of inconvenient noises in your helmet, which can cause fatigue and headache with time.

You can buy a pair of disposable earplugs. In case you are considering buying disposable earplugs, ensure you do buy the bulk quantity, it will be cheaper.

Flat Repair Kit

Today’s motorcycle tires give grip in all weather conditions & typically last for thousands of miles. But Riding on a motorbike on long road trips increases the chances that you might get your bike punctured at a point.

If you are moving on tubeless tires, a flat repair kit will more quickly make you able to hit the road in case you get punctured. It’s not the ultimate solution, however, it will make you go long enough to reach a nearby garage & get it fixed properly.

Portable Air Compressor

Of course, when you get a flat tire you will be needing to re-inflate it. That is when your air compressor will come to the rescue. A compressor helps you to at least reach some garage, even when you get punctured in the middle of the road.

It’s very useful for adventurous riders who get their tires deflated often when they hit the road.

Rain Gear

It doesn’t rain often when you carry your rain gear with you but the moment you leave it at home, it pours down heavily. You must carry on a motorbike trip. It doesn’t take up too much space &, you’ll be thankful you brought it when you need it. Also, consider carrying your waterproof gloves.

Power Bank

You use your phone for a surprising amount on road trips, no matter if you are using it as a navigator, booking somewhere, or checking out your next destination. A power bank will make sure that your cell phone is always battery, so it never disappoints you!

Updated Date: 28 December 2021, 15:06

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