escape route

I admit it: every week I play EuroMillions.

escape route

I admit it: every week I play EuroMillions. I confess that I would like to get rich overnight, like almost everyone else, stop working, travel the world with my family with no other aim than to enjoy life and even have time to get bored, if I ever get it . So when last Tuesday, a Briton took the 215 million from the pot, almost heart attack. I didn't get a single number right! And start again: invest in a practically impossible lottery to win with one in 139,838,160 odds. I know that allocating just one euro of my salary to this draw is useless, but who doesn't have an illusion in life?

This same illusion is what others feel when investing their savings in apparently less complicated places and with more immediate benefits than the euromillions. I am referring to cryptocurrencies, that type of currency or digital currency that sometimes leads its users to amass real fortunes. However, there are also those who take advantage of these expectations to perpetrate all kinds of deception, lead the owner of this bitcoin to lose more money than invested and, mainly, to ensure that this amount ends up in his pocket, that of the criminal.

One of these cases is that of Christian, a young Catalan who explained a few days ago to Ana Rosa's program how he was captured by a criminal organization that promised him "a very high return" in exchange for paying for some courses where they would give him the keys to that success. Behind those promises, a very different reality was hidden: a crypto sect that operated through a pyramid scheme where the victims accumulated significant economic losses. “What they teach is something very basic. They say that if you don't get results, it's your fault and not theirs”, he denounced.

Christian's story was left in a 1,500 euro scam, but other people abandon their jobs and their studies to reach the panacea. They even distance themselves from their families and friends blinded by these success gurus, whom they feel as their circle of trust. Cult experts always warn about how difficult it is to open the victims' eyes. That is why I have always repudiated those who take advantage of the miseries of others and the poor helpless, that carrion whose only mission in life is to truncate dreams knowing that money is their only emergency route.