Erectile dysfunction: Hardeners: Which sexual enhancers are effective according to Warentest and which are not

The mind is willing, but the penis is weak.

Erectile dysfunction: Hardeners: Which sexual enhancers are effective according to Warentest and which are not

The mind is willing, but the penis is weak. This happens, and not at all rarely - even if very few men peddle it. At least one in ten of those aged 40 to 49 suffers from erectile dysfunction, and around a third of those over 60 suffer from erectile dysfunction. And these are just the official numbers. Experts estimate that the number of unreported cases is much higher. Potency drugs can help against erectile dysfunction. Warentest tested whether and how 100 preparations work.

Why is it that a penis suddenly no longer becomes really "hard"? An erection is only possible when blood vessels, hormones and nerves work together. It occurs when blood is pumped into the erectile tissue under high pressure. Due to the increased blood supply, the pressure in the erectile tissue increases and the penis becomes stiff. Erectile dysfunction occurs when the penis is not stiff enough or not stiff for long enough to make sexual intercourse possible and this condition persists over a long period of time.

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction: depression, lifestyle, obesity and old age are just a few. If erectile dysfunction persists for months, a doctor should be consulted. Because the symptoms of erectile dysfunction worsen if left untreated. The treatment of the symptoms is then adapted to the individual examination results, including mechanical aids and psychotherapy as well as medication. Stiftung Warentest has tested such prescription drugs that consumers have to pay for themselves.

Part of the test included classic sexual enhancers such as Viagra as well as copycat products. The preparations cost between 3.50 and 20 euros per single dose and differ in terms of both active ingredients and application. Viagra and Co are PDA inhibitors. This group of active ingredients is most commonly prescribed. Drugs with the active ingredients asprostadil, avanafil, vardenafil and yohimbine were also evaluated.

According to the test, most sexual enhancers are “suitable with restrictions”. The assessment was based on current research. The decisive factors were, among other things, possible risks of the drugs, long-term data on effectiveness and tolerability, interactions when taking other medications at the same time and the benefits. The classics “Viagra” from Viatris Healthcare (Sildenafil) and “Cialis” from Lilly Germany (Tadalfil) are also “suitable with restrictions”. However, the potency pills should only be used after medical consultation for organic erectile dysfunction. Like many medications, Viagra can cause serious side effects. With other medications, the possible side effects include dangerous permanent erections, such as the fast-acting injection solution “Viridal” from Amdipharm. According to Warentest, this preparation is also “suitable with restrictions”.

Yohimbine is the only herbal remedy that has a drug approval. And a waste of money. According to the testers, the potency pills “Yocon Glenwood” from Cheplapharm with Yohibim active ingredient are “not very suitable”. The therapeutic effect has not been sufficiently proven and is therefore "unsuitable for the supportive treatment of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction".

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