Dry ends: Naturally beautiful hair: This is why you should (have) regularly remove split ends

Split ends are something completely natural, especially with longer hair, but the split ends make the once so beautifully cultivated mane look dry and shaggy.

Dry ends: Naturally beautiful hair: This is why you should (have) regularly remove split ends

Split ends are something completely natural, especially with longer hair, but the split ends make the once so beautifully cultivated mane look dry and shaggy. And the worst part is, it can't be undone. What is even worse, however, is that the split ends can expand upwards and thus damage your hair permanently. It is all the more important that you remove the split ends (or have them removed). How you can do this yourself with a split trimmer without accepting major losses in length is explained below. You can also find out here which methods are used by the hairdresser - and how you can better prevent split ends in the future.

At the hairdresser, the dry ends are usually removed by cutting off the hair. For this reason, many women avoid visiting to protect their mane from being shortened. Your hair does not necessarily have to be long in order to free it from split ends: with a so-called split ends trimmer, the broken ends can be removed without noticeably shortening the hair. Or you can use a special plastic attachment for your hair clippers or an electric razor, which is also used to trim the split ends.

No matter which variant you choose, the approach is always the same:

Straighten your hair first and then divide it evenly into as many sections as possible.

Take the split-end trimmer in your hand and run it strand by strand along the hair from the roots to the tips.

Repeat this process for each strand up to five times in a row for a clean result.

Since the split trimmer only removes the damaged ends, your hair length remains largely unchanged. A big advantage over the classic top cut. But many hairdressers now also use other methods. You can find out what these are in the next paragraph.

Nowadays, many hairdressing salons use different cutting techniques to remove split ends without severely shortening the hair. The most well-known methods include the following:

Candle Cutting: This method is extremely radical, because here the split ends of the hair are removed strand by strand with the help of a burning candle. This is where only a real professional should go to work.

When hair is severely damaged, it can break - not just at the ends, but anywhere. Split ends, on the other hand, only occur at the ends of the hair, as these cannot store moisture well and therefore dry out faster. This process is favored by frequent hair straightening, blow-drying and using a curling iron. The heat robs the tips of their moisture and makes them look brittle. But too much sunshine and a lack of or incorrect care (e.g. using a shampoo that is too aggressive) can also promote split ends. And that's not all: friction, rough brushes, stress and hair ties with metal elements can damage hair.

For daily hygiene, you should only use shampoos and conditioners that have been specially developed for dry or damaged hair. They provide your hair with sufficient moisture and give your tips more shine and suppleness. In addition, a conditioner makes the subsequent combing with a soft natural hair brush much easier, since less hair tangles with each other.

To ensure that your tips don't dry out and split ends in the first place, you have to constantly care for your mane. Apply a hair treatment once a week: it moisturizes and supplies your ends with important minerals and vitamins. In addition, most products contain valuable oils, shea butter and aloe vera. This not only makes your hair nice and soft and supple, it also protects it from split ends.

A so-called hair serum or hair oil should also ensure that dry and dull hair feels smooth and healthy again. The argan oil it contains supplies your tips with important nutrients and also leaves a soft film on your hair – but only until you wash your hair the next time. However, when using it, be careful not to massage too much oil into the ends of your hair. Alternatively, you can use natural coconut oil.

Last but not least, you can prevent split ends through your own behavior by not brushing your hair too often and certainly not wet or rubbing it dry with a towel. You should also avoid regular heat sessions with hair dryers and straighteners. Braiding your hair (with a metal-free hair tie) before bed can help—and sleeping on a silk pillow to reduce split ends.

And one last tip: Moisturize your hair with every stroke of the brush by putting a few drops of the hair serum on the natural bristles. Then comb your hair very lightly so that it is only lightly wetted. Otherwise it is quite possible that your roots will appear greasy more quickly if you have used too much of the hair serum with argan oil.

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