Djebbari pinned down by the HATVP. Bardella sinks in Mbappe. This macronist candidate talks like the RN

We are now 18 days away from the first round legislative elections.

Djebbari pinned down by the HATVP. Bardella sinks in Mbappe. This macronist candidate talks like the RN

We are now 18 days away from the first round legislative elections. In politics, the weapon of humor may not always be available to all.

We have been curious about him since September 2019, when he was elected to government. Is Jean-Baptiste Djebbari really a minister or chief influencer in the transport industry as he is a training pilot? Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, a master of the art of TikTok is a video network that most politicians, with the notable exception being Jean-Luc Melenchon, are not very good at. The former Minister of Transport was there to test a variety of innovative transport solutions from different start-ups. Like the blue wagon that was sold as the future mobility for rural areas.

The High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life pinned Tuesday the macronie, who was affectionately called "JB". Because of "substantial ethics risks", she deemed her proposal to be executive vice-president responsible for the space division that CMA-CGM, shipowner, plans to create "incompatible" to her previous functions. Before that, the ex-minister had been granted permission by the HATVP to join the board of directors for a start up specializing in hydrogen vehicle construction. However, this opinion was expressed "with reservations".

It is a beautiful place. Francois Ruffin is the outgoing deputy. He is campaigning with petanque tournaments and popular balls or by posing as a pizza maker at a kiosk in a garage lot.

Francois Ruffin (@francois_ruffin), shared this publication.

There is also Pascal Rifflart who is a general practitioner in Amiens and a candidate for the presidency majority. We will tell you this, but after having read his campaign leaflet, we might be a little skeptical. He calls himself "French in stock", a term that is beloved by the far right. The terms are bolded in the text. What words make sense?

Jean-Michel Blanquer, in a way will be missed by him. It is a small thanks to the former Minister for National Education of Emmanuel Macron. He thanked Pauline RapillyFerniot during the May 20th change of government. In a matter of months, she has accumulated a little political capital that is not insignificant for the left.

Scandalized after Mediapart announced on January 17th that Blanquer had made the announcement in "Le Parisien" about the new school health protocol. The 26-year old elected ecologist was inspired by a friend to film her in action in a bathing suit and on rue de Grenelle. Julien Bayou, Europe Ecology-the Greens party boss, gave the green light. She suggested that Nour Durand-Raucher (Parisian eco-friendly) be brought in, who will soon become a "Jean Michel Blanquer-like."

The "Ibiza Collective", was created. This site and WhatsApp loops are meant to bring together those who enjoy playing politics with happenings. Break the codes, have some fun, and create "hits" on social media. Pauline and her comrades took a banner called "Climate Criminal" to the meeting of Emmanuel Macron at La Defense Arena on April 2. The Collectif Ibiza had disrupted Patrick Pouyanne's intervention at a Round Table organized by the Court of Auditors, March 15, when they launched the Ukrainian national anthem to full volume. A poster is also available: "Total Russia, shame and France" or "Peace climate, same fight".

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Each day, the Obs takes you to a key constituency until the legislative election. Place Thursday after Pauline RapillyFerniot at the clone Emmanuel Macron Paul Midy. Cedric Villani, a mathematician, will be facing the ex-LREM deputy.

Jonathan Cohen's Canal series "La Flamme", which brightened the second confinement in winter 2020-2021 and whose season 2 "Le Flambeau", just released, was quite divisive. It is funny for some, but it can also be seen as torture on television by others. The reality parody has been widely embraced by the networks, who have made fun of the dramaturgy surrounding Emmanuel Macron's announcements and the staging of his indecision.

Humor can be difficult to understand if it is too subtle. This video montage, signed by Poissy Karl Olive (supporter of the President) left us slightly sceptical. It also includes "the Flame", which is a quote from the President of The Republic.

Did you know that the far right is not only a troll for football culture, but they also make pathetic shortcuts between grandsons of immigrants and foreigners. Franceinfo's number two National Rally Jordan Bardella was brilliant on Tuesday as he stumbled across the red carpet. When asked about Kylian Mbappe’s extension to PSG, Bardella had nothing to say except "Bravo Kylian", which he then analyzes. As an argument of authority to justify the fact that he had opened doors, he said: "Bravo Kylian"

Except that the striker was born and raised in Paris. The far-right elected representative attempts to catch up with branches by saying, "Yes, his mother is Senegalese. His family is an example of assimilation. He is almost the entire tree. The footballer's mother was born to Algerian parents in Bondy, and his father was born in Cameroon. We are about to remind him that Africa is a continent.