Discover PWC fishing

A few years ago, BRP launched an all-new Sea-Doo model, the Fish Pro.

Discover PWC fishing

A few years ago, BRP launched an all-new Sea-Doo model, the Fish Pro. Faced with the growing popularity of this model, the Quebec manufacturer decided to expand its range.

“The new mode of personal watercraft fishing is more and more present,” explains Carl Dussault, assistant sales manager at Dion Sports in Saint-Raymond. Here in Quebec, we feel that the phenomenon is growing. We expect to go even further this season as the consumer now has access to a range of models. »

For this fourth year of the arrival of this product, BRP has decided to offer three models that all have different characteristics.

“The new Scout 130, the smallest of the family, is the only one of the group to be on the GTI hull. The quality to price ratio is excellent. It is like the other models in the range with its 51 liter cooler and fishing rod holders. Incorporated into the cooler there are storage spaces for lures and more. As usual, this cooler is adapted to the LinQ system which appears in the range of BRP products. This makes it easy to remove. This model also has a six-inch screen Garmin sonar for fish detection. Engineers thought about installing a system for trolling, which results in a built-in cruise control in the watercraft. There are also plenty of storage spaces and cup holders. The organizer in the storage compartment is a great way to classify our fishing tackle. »

The models in the 2022 range are equipped with the IDS system.

“It is an intelligent anti-debris pump system, which allows debris that could block the turbine to be rejected, without pilot intervention. The engine is a 1630 cc, four-stroke, 130 HP, three-cylinder. Naturally, it is a three-seater watercraft like all the other models in the line. »


Two other models complete the 2022 range. “We now come with the Fish Pro Sport, which is mounted on the ST3 hull, the largest and most efficient in the range.

We really find ourselves elsewhere in the big waves like those that can be encountered on the river or on large bodies of water. It offers comfort, stability and an ability to face the waves quite incredible. There is a lot of storage in this hull.

The entire steering system can be raised to access the storage box. The platform is extended at the back, which makes it possible to install two rows of LinQ, either a cooler, gasoline or dry bags. This greatly increases the storage possibilities.

It too, equipped with the IDS system and, for fishermen, the sonar is a more efficient Garmin. » The Bluetooth system is also available with a waterproof compartment to store your cell phone.

We now come to the top model of the range, the Fish Pro Trophy 170.

“He is the star of the year. The 51-litre cooler can be transformed into a fish tank, thus allowing you to keep your catches. There is a pump that supplies the tank with water, which allowed the engineers to be able to install a sprinkler system to allow everything to be washed. You can even gut your catch. The Garmin sonar, with a 7-inch screen, is touch-sensitive. But, what impressed the gallery the most was the rear seat system. It is possible to raise the rear part and install the backrest so as to obtain a swivel bench, which provides remarkable comfort. There are two batteries to power the entire electrical system for long periods. Like the rest of the range, there is cruise control for trolling, the IDS system and also a quick anchoring system on the step. »


The specialist himself is a fan of personal watercraft fishing.

“I am very happy because I will be able to get closer to the flats and venture into shallow places, thanks among other things to the IDS system which allows debris to be removed from the turbine. Also, it must be understood that if ever we have to move quickly, the power of the watercraft and its remarkable ability to perform in difficult wave conditions will allow us to manage better. »

The price range starts at $18,859. Before leaving, the specialist reminded us that the personal watercraft allows you to fish in the morning, have fun in the middle of the day and go back to fishing in the evening.

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