Did you know that...?

Today I bring you some things to think about.

Did you know that...?

Today I bring you some things to think about.

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Some invasive species from overseas have established themselves in our waters and are causing great harm to our ecosystems. Spiny water fleas and zebra mussels are prime examples. The first feeds on zooplankton while the second filters the water and reduces the primary source of food for this animal plankton. A recent study from the University of Minnesota told us that the growth of small walleyes could decrease by up to 14% in certain bodies of water where these undesirables are very present. By thus affecting the base of the food chain, it is the pantry for the succession of these percids that is directly reduced.


It is much easier to opt for wishful thinking and believe that the management of furry animals will take care of itself. With man continuously pushing the limits of nature for his demographic expansion, there are more and more problematic situations. Just think of the millions of dollars in damage beavers cause with their dams, wolves preying on many mammals and their offspring, coyotes preying on deer populations and even pets. in urban areas, to raccoons that interfere in several properties, etc. Trappers have and always will have a vital role to play in the management of furbearers.


When filling a heavy spinning reel with invisible fluorocarbon line or even monofilament, sometimes tangling occurs. These potholes or backlash as many call them will not affect the rope much if they are not too severe. On the other hand, when the wire overlaps in the coil, uses itself and kinks, it then results in micro cracks which weaken the wire, depending on the severity of the incident. This same kind of phenomenon can occur with a light cast and a wind knot type kink when the rope is without tension after a cast.


Nobody is supposed to ignore the law. Everyone knows this adage. It is in fact a fiction or, if you prefer, a principle whose realization is known to be impossible, but which is necessary for the functioning of the legal order. In short, unless you are a legislator or a lawyer, you cannot know and remember everything. It is for this reason that amateurs have every interest in obtaining the brand new versions of the Fisherman's Guide and the Hunter's Guide. These very practical tools, presented by the Fédération des pourvoiries du Québec and its partners, shed light on all the regulations surrounding the practice of these two harvesting activities. Sold for less than $3, they give you access to the information you want at any time of the day. They can be purchased at more than 4,500 outlets, including specialty stores and several chains. If you want the digital format, visit the Fédération des pourvoiries du Québec website.


According to 2022 Bassmaster Classic Champion Jason Christie, bass fishing with a Colorado single spoon spinnerbait is best when the thermometer reads below 15°C. When it is between 16 and 21 ° C, you would do well to opt for a model with two pallets of this type. Then, when it is above 22°C, it is desirable to operate a Booyah spinnerbait with two willow leaf spoons.

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