Diaz's discreet participation in the 13-F campaign

Only four days remain before the autonomous Castilla y Leon elections are held.

Diaz's discreet participation in the 13-F campaign

Only four days remain before the autonomous Castilla y Leon elections are held. After the large presence of Ione Belarra and Irene Montero, the second vice president YolandaDiaz comes into play in tomorrow's electoral campaign of 13 F. Together with Pablo Fernandez, she will perform in Castronuno, a Valladolid community of 825 residents governed by United Left-CastronunoTake the Word coalition. She will be present in this role throughout the Castilian Leonese campaign.

Two weeks ago, the Minister of Labor spent her time focusing on the validation of the labor reform. The Interprofessional Minimum Wage was also increased. This Tuesday's meeting with the UGT union and CC OO unions closed the two-week long period. She was also isolated after she tested positive for covid-19 during the pre-campaign. His absence from the final act of the Podemos and Izquierda Unida will reveal the subtle tensions in the coalition while the political project of "the broad front" is still embryonic.

Official reasons are given because he will be attending the Goya Awards Ceremony at Valencia on Saturday with Pedro Sanchez, President of the Government, and Miquel Iceta, Minister of Culture. However, some Podemos Castilla y Leon members believe that Diaz could have combined both the appointments without any problems.

The Vice Presidency and party themselves downplay the issue, insisting on pointing out Diaz (who doesn't hold any organic positions in Podemos) had the freedom to decide whether or not he wanted to participate in the campaign. They explain that the issue was agreed upon by both sides. While she was negotiating support for decree law, the vice president decided not to participate in the campaign.

Pablo Fernandez believes that his presence will be an "important backing" to the purple campaign. The polls give the purple campaign between two and three seats, depending on which seat they are voting for (such as the one prepared last Monday by GAD3 El Norte de Castilla). The candidate said that "Until now, it has been concentrated and concentrated where it needed to be."

Fernandez, on December 20, predicted that Diaz's national political project was "the horizon at a national level and Castilla y Leon is the first stop." This message clashes with the rhetoric maintained by Fernandez, the vice president who continues to deny the possibility of leading an election and is determined to reduce the role of the party in her future projects. She stated that she had not decided to jump into a political project today, but was open about it on Sunday in La Sexta.

It is true that the atmosphere in the formation has become more difficult since Thursday's labor reform was approved. However, this was just before it was to fall following the opposition vote by the UPN deputies. Although Diaz was not able to completely ally himself with Belarra on Tuesday, he said that Podemos's tax reform proposal was not the Government's. However, he maintained that it must be understood that United We Can has its own positions and is different from the PSOE.

The second vice president is avoiding any ties while Podemos entrusts itself to their future political project. Belarra's constituents fear that the "broadfront" will conform to the requirements of the 2023 general elections. Diaz, however, is not concerned about losing control of what he calls "a listening process".