Delicious Christmas: Christmas for connoisseurs: Six whiskey advent calendars in comparison

As is well known, the warmest jacket is the “Cognjäckchen”.

Delicious Christmas: Christmas for connoisseurs: Six whiskey advent calendars in comparison

As is well known, the warmest jacket is the “Cognjäckchen”. So it's logical that we love to warm our hearts with a little alcohol during the dark and cold season. This is best done with people we love and with whom sharing a suitable drink is always a promise of an enlightening experience. If one of these favorite people is a whiskey connoisseur who you want to make happy, whiskey advent calendars are ideal. The liquid happiness in miniature format is hidden behind 24 doors and invites you to enjoy it together. And cheers.

It starts with an Advent calendar that might be familiar to meat lovers, because BEEF! magazine has a whiskey Advent calendar on offer. The calendar is particularly suitable for curious adventurers who want to get to know whiskey off the beaten track. The Advent calendar contains 24, 50 milliliter (ml) bottles with whiskeys from Scotland, Ireland, the USA as well as Schleswig Holstein and Bavaria. A tasting booklet is also included in the scope of delivery.

With a seductive idea, Liquid Director is launching a whiskey advent calendar for the first time in 2023. Because instead of filling the doors with 24 tasting sips, each whiskey comes with a selected and matching piece of chocolate. The bars from small factories wait behind the doors the day after the whiskey. Makes a total of twelve delicious combinations of 3 cl whiskey (including a premium drop that has been stored for 15 years) and a piece of chocolate. In a 60-page booklet, connoisseurs and newcomers can find out all sorts of interesting facts about the selected spirits and chocolates. Extra: The design of the Liquid Director enjoyment advent calendar whiskey

The whiskey advent calendar from Jwhisky is even more eccentric. Of course it also contains 24 bottles, but unfortunately they only contain 20 ml. The Advent calendar is significantly cheaper than the one from BEEF!. And you really get something: The whiskey in the calendar comes from Scotland, the USA, Ireland, Japan, Canada as well as Taiwan and India. This is really special and of course the calendar also comes with a booklet.

What makes the whiskey advent calendar from World of Whiskey special is an insert: the manufacturer is the only calendar in the comparison to include a nosing glass. Connoisseurs know that whiskey not only delights the palate, its smell can also pamper the senses. There is a total of 720 ml of whiskey in the calendar, which makes a bottle size of 30 ml. They come from Scotland, Australia and Japan, among others. The manufacturer wants to send whiskey lovers around the world with its calendar. Of course, this doesn't work without travel reading: this calendar also comes with a booklet.

Whiskey drinkers are as unique and diverse as their favorite distillate. If you don't feel like traveling around the world and would rather stay in the motherland of whiskey, you should take a look at the Scotch Advent calendar from Vita Dulcis. It contains 24 small 20 ml bottles from Scotland, making a total of 480 ml of whiskey in the calendar. A tasting book is also included with this calendar. And not only that: a map of Scotland is also included. The distilleries from which the whiskey comes in the calendar are marked on it.

And the last calendar in comparison is also limited to 24 Scottish whiskeys, which come in 20 ml bottles. The calendar is limited to the essentials, namely the whiskey. You won't find a booklet or tasting glass. The design of the calendar pays homage to Scotland. Who needs a booklet?

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