Darmanin gives the ball back to the English, "AOC", in the front line. Faure is strong

Twelve days remain before the first round in legislative elections.

Darmanin gives the ball back to the English, "AOC", in the front line. Faure is strong

Twelve days remain before the first round in legislative elections. The campaign officially began, but the crowds still aren't thrilled.

Sometimes politics is where you least expect. France was enjoying a quiet weekend of Ascension. However, the capital was filled with English people who were there to watch the Champions League final at the Stade de France (Seine-Saint-Denis). British tourists had the chance to learn a local specialty: keeping order at home. This is simply the systematic use of tear gas and traps as soon as a few people cause chaos in a crowd.

The great football barnum was quickly thrown off course despite the mobilization and support of almost 7,000 police officers, firefighters, and gendarmes. The match began half an hour late due to fans having bought tickets at a high price. Children were also trapped in the trap at the stadium's entrance. These images were seen all over the globe and angered our neighbours across the Channel.

Sky News' Ian Byrne, British MP, stated that fans were treated like animals at Europe's largest game of the year. The British MP Ian Byrne denounced "dismal police, dismal stadium stewards, poor management surrounding the stadium, and closed the stadium's gates." The British authorities responded by stating that they were "extremely disappointed" with how they were treated their supporters.

You have the best defense. Responsive authorities chose to make their own accusations, rather than attempting to excuse themselves. Or how to use the "Pasqua Theorem". The ex-baron of Hauts-deSeine RPR insisted that "When you are bothered by a particular case, you must create a case within the case and, if necessary, another case within the case of this case until nobody understands anything anymore".

If you look at the top of the command chain responsible for this law enforcement operation, you will find two men: Gerald Darmanin, the Minister of Interior, and Didier Lallement, the Paris prefect of police. Place Beauvau's boss, who was recently renewed by Emmanuel Macron believes that the situation is slipping due to "massive industrial and organised fraud of counterfeit notes". He claims that the mess would have come from "the other side of Channel" since "30,000 to 40000 English supporters were found at the Stade de France either without a ticket, or with falsified Tickets". . This is how to return the ball to the British.

According to Politico, this interpretation is in line with UEFA's, but also with Didier Lallement's report that was written Saturday night. According to the Paris police chief, there were "significant flaws" in the organization of British supporters by organizers. He said that the public order and security system at Paris' Stade de France, as well as the two fan areas, was effective. Since he allowed the match to run smoothly, he did not regret the "significant flaws in the management of British supporters by the organizers". Didier Lallement blames the "massive and tardive arrivals" of many British supporters, which can also be explained with the RATP strike.

Two men may be at the top in this hierarchical pyramid, but they are actually women we have seen speak at the microphones of various media since Sunday. Loubna Atta was the spokesperson at the Paris police headquarters, on BFMTV Sunday. Camille Chaize was the spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior on Monday morning.

Or, our French Minister of Sports, Amelie OudeaCastera (also Monday morning on RTL). Always ready to take on the dirty work.

Each day, the Obs takes you to a key constituency until the legislative elections. Today, Benjamin Haddad (Macronie candidate) in the 14th District of Paris.

Early evening at "La Terrasse", an elegant brasserie that is reminiscent of many others in Paris' West. About forty residents of the 16th arrondissement met him on Monday to discuss their lives: retirees, business leaders, students, and executives. Him? He is Benjamin Haddad, 36. A researcher in international relations, with a rubbery smile and an early baldness. Graduate of Sciences Po and HEC. He was also a Macronist candidate in Paris' fourteenth district. This area covers a large part of the chic sixteenth arrondissement.

Liberal, pro-European from the right: It is no coincidence that LREM propels him into this fourteenth District of Paris, which macronists hope will win in June. A presidential movement strategist said that it is socially solid. This sixteenth arrondissement is where Macron scored a remarkable score in the presidential election. He won 46.75% and won 81.9% in round 1. The person in question swears that it's not a parachute fall. "I was born here. I grew up between here 92." The son of an entrepreneur and a teacher, his campaign will focus on three major axes: defense of entrepreneurship and security and secularism. He must win the duel against Francis Spizner (a lawyer and mayor of 16th).

Surprises and questions are the boss of the PS. His internal critics portray him as inconsistent and nimble, and accuse him of being responsible for the "erasure of the Socialist Party" since 2018. Olivier Faure is however firm when it comes to standing up against the elephants. The man gained new credibility and notoriety by negotiating the New Popular Ecological and Social Union agreement (Nupes), with other left-wing parties. Thousands of people watched his speech at the PS National Council May 5, which was viewed by thousands.

He must now face new slingers like Carole Delga the socialist president of Occitanie, who presents his dissident candidates at Haute-Garonne Tarn and Herault. The first secretary of the PS, whether strong or weak. Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, who was the first secretary of the PS, has this to say in "Le Monde". He can remain there for several weeks, waiting and pulling on his electronic cigarettes while he waits. When the prey is close at hand... He waits, but he doesn't give up on his ambition. "Option outsider, therefore.