Cult show: "Wetten, dass..?": Brilliant moments and crazy tricks

The ZDF cult show "Wetten, dass.

Cult show: "Wetten, dass..?": Brilliant moments and crazy tricks

The ZDF cult show "Wetten, dass..?" went to the next round.

This time show host Thomas Gottschalk led the show in a red leopard look and was greeted by the audience with standing applause. He shook it off on Saturday evening in Friedrichshafen with a casual "It's just me".

At his side: Michelle Hunziker in an opulent pink designer ball gown. But the native Swiss also attracted attention in other respects: as a co-host, she charmingly looked after the candidates and also guided moderator Gottschalk through the betting jungle.

Gottschalk in the shadow of Hunziker

The 45-year-old sprayed air kisses and hearts in the usual manner. In between, Gottschalk even got a bit overshadowed by the happily whirling Hunziker. And the usual fireworks of snappy Gottschalk sayings were a bit smaller in this edition.

A gallant hand kiss from the show legend was then given to the first betting candidate, who was supposed to pierce eggs with an excavator. At 8.42 p.m. it was said for the first time that evening: "Great, the bet counts!" Without a bagger bet, "Wetten, dass..?" unimaginable for decades. New: For the first time, a woman was behind the wheel.

The betting sponsors were filmmaker Michael Bully Herbig and actor Christoph Maria Herbst, who bet against the excavator driver. The stake: a can-can dance, which could be seen on stage thanks to five eggs punctured with an excavator shovel and the bet thus won.

Robbie Williams performs Superhit

Pop star Robbie Williams caused goosebumps when he performed his heartbreak hit "Angels" and mingled with the audience. Countless mobile phone lights lit up in the exhibition hall, the spectators sang in unison and Robbie Williams relaxedly high-fived fans. Moments that "Wetten, dass..?" turn off.

After that, the 48-year-old was initially allowed to disappear backstage, but later had to go on the couch as a godfather for a game bet. The mission: not easy for the Briton, who was supposed to wish the national team good luck at the World Cup in Qatar in the Germany jersey.

The candidate wanted to recognize board games by the sound they made when they were poured out. He has a lot of questions about it, Williams joked. "First: why?" Thomas Gottschalk gave the answer: "If you ask this question, you don't have to watch this show." The candidate was able to win the bet for himself and the pop star, who had to catch his plane shortly afterwards. But it's also a tradition that an international artist has to leave earlier.

Hollywood glamor from the star actor

A bit of Hollywood glamor brought acting legend John Malkovich to the studio, who reported on a four-month jelly diet. He tried all the colors, Malkovich said. He was promoting a new film with actress and producer Veronica Ferres and her daughter Lilly Krug. The show lost a bit of momentum here.

Together, Malkovich, Ferres and Krug were godparents for the outside bet, which this time took place at the Europapark in Rust. On a roller coaster, one candidate kept throwing a smartphone at the other. Three out of six should be caught. In the end, only one throw was successful and the bet was lost, but it was always spectacular. For the godparents it was: Eat jelly.

The entertainment show became political with the appearance of musician Herbert Grönemeyer, who presented his new song "Die Hand" and referred to the current crises in the world with recordings. He wanted to show solidarity, he said. As a wager, Grönemeyer announced that he would cover the costs for the Berliner Tafel for a month. In addition, the 66-year-old showed plenty of self-mockery - an allusion to Gottschalk's Grönemeyer dance style, the musician replied with a smile: "I think I dance very gracefully."

There was a corona-related cancellation from tennis star Alexander Zverev, who had to stay at home because of a positive test. He "would have loved to" have been there, said Zverev via video greeting. "Bet that..?" is his "absolute favorite show". Maybe it will work in the next issue. It is planned for the coming year. Even then, the legendary TV campfire should burn again.