Coviran plans to spend three million euros on its future ACB budget

Coviran must meet two conditions to be eligible for the Endesa League.

Coviran plans to spend three million euros on its future ACB budget

Coviran must meet two conditions to be eligible for the Endesa League. The deadline expires on June 30, and they will need to pay 488,000 euros plus VAT. They also have to set up the budget. It must not exceed two million and a quarter euros. The ACB audit was positive and Coviran did not have any accumulated deficits. Coviran already applied for a loan from Caja Rural of 488,000 euros plus VAT. This will be the first of four periods of registration. The money will be increased each campaign. However, the money will be returned if it is lost.

The club has set its future budget at 3 million euros. This would still be a low number in the competition. The most modest budgets for the same season were actually those of Fuenlabrada and Manresa, each at 2.8. Pedro Martinez's team proved that even less money doesn't mean failure. They played in Copa del Rey, finishing seventh in regular league. This allowed them to reach the quarterfinals against Real Madrid. He increased it by 4 percent and entered 2.87 to pay 2.86 expenses. With a surplus total of 4,384. With only 2,500 subscribers. He was unable to play in Europe and he is now waiting for the rescue from the Higher Sports Council (CSD). 12 million were requested by the clubs as liquidity to offset the income loss.

Hereda San Pablo Burgos is at the opposite extreme. Despite growing in economic terms, it fell to the LEB Oro. Although he started with more that five million euros, he was able to earn more than two millions by winning the continental competition twice, even though he had to travel more for the Basketball Champions League (BCL). Zaragoza, however, received 200,000 euros. The cost of staff rose to 4.5, and the budget was cut to 4. It is important to remember that success does not come from being wealthy.

Andorra fell as well and began strong in the elite. It reduced its score by 6.1% from 4.9 to 4.6, but stayed at 3.5 last year. However, it restored the balance with capital increases that compensated for the losses. He was unable to pay 5 million due to the canon, which was thankfully eliminated in 2017. In 2014, he generated a deficit of 300,000.

Coviran looks at Breogan who was the last one to rise. While the Lugo people have lived in between the two divisions, the Granada people are new. His case is different from the Oximesa cases that were funded by Jose Antonio Murado or CB Granada. This was done with the support and protection of public institutions. They are all new.

Breogan had an outstanding campaign. They were eleventh with three million. Coviran will need to triple its budget of €900,000.00 like Breogan. This is to make it one of the most expensive in ACB. It was previously among the six highest in LEB Oro.

Obradoiro (3.1, an increase of 1 percent and a deficit 460,000), Real Betis (3.5) although it hopes to double it and create women's sections), Murcia (3.6) and 1.6 destined for the workforce), Bilbao 3.8 (with a deficit 219,227 Euros but it survived a crisis due 2.2 debt, 1.6 from the Treasury so it reduced it by 14% and achieved up to 440,000 euro profit) and Casademont Zaragoza 3.5. Porfirio Fisac was his coach and said that he wanted a budget similar to Mirotic's. The 4 million Hispanic-Montenegrins who receive ..., in Zaragoza had to find sponsors. Real Madrid and Barcelona have 44 and 43.5 respectively, which is the highest in Europe. They also receive 19.2 and 18.8 salaries. Only CSKA Moscow has 22.1.

Valencia had 21.8 while Baskonia with 15. was the fourth budget. Unicaja's austerity reduced it to 9.5. 6 of these were for team salaries. This was reflected in the classification. Gran Canaria was next with 9 and an increase in 1.48%. Below, CB Canarias, Tenerife, at 6.8; Joventut at 6 after it was cut to 4.5. It had a deficit of 791,00 euros and was unable to find a sponsor to help them. euros.

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