Coviran is the average member of the Endesa League public

Coviran is close to the Endesa League average attendance and could increase it.

Coviran is the average member of the Endesa League public

Coviran is close to the Endesa League average attendance and could increase it. Breogan's 2,254 season ticket holders, and Manresa (2,500) in the highest category, means that Palace could easily exceed its entry fee. The Nasrid entity had 1,500 nominal LEB Oro cards, which was added to the ones obtained by the companies, and reached 2,500. This is the same as the ACB teams. The city's basketball fever and the regular response from the fans will allow the social mass to grow to 4,000. This will ensure a positive atmosphere, not just during the Barca and Real Madrid visits.

Although the club has not made a lot of public statements about its income forecast, it is aware that Granada is a great venue. It showed this in the Copa del Rey as well as the LEB cups. The promotion match against Almansa attracted more than 8,000 people.

Covid-19 consumed 30% of Endesa League's live fans and resulted in an average attendance of 4,686 for the season 2021-2022. This was for Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Burgos. However, the global average could be at around 4,200. That's the same capacity Coviran will have almost regardless of the box office tickets.

Although the average occupancy was 56.6%, it rose to 64.8% at times when the pavilions were full and up to the end of the regular league. It is still below the 75% occupancy in 2019-2020 with an average of 6,693 viewers. The partial control showed -25 attendance before the virus. This was because the average occupation dropped to 47% in 2021-2022 due to reduced capacity. The average occupation of all 18 teams was 27 percent lower than the 72.2% attendance in the 2019-2020 campaign. This is the one prior to confinement. Despite the limitations in the pavilions, 60% was achieved by Monbus Obradoiro and Hereda San Pablo Burgos.

They looked at the ACB public monitoring statistics and advised that they "should be among the first to have the LEB Oro tickets". This is because it is possible for isolated cases such as Real Madrid to raise the average number of spectators to 5,200 or relegate Burgos. The average was 9,000, with 3,200 from Andorra.

"The pandemic caused a lot damage, there are still people fearful of events in closed venues," they said from the Nasrid club, while being happy with the response from the people, "those that could not or, out respect for the virus, they were missing. But from what is heard on the street, maybe the pavilion is missing and they will not all enter.

Estimates are made for both the number of subscribers and the income generated. This includes estimates for the box office. After submitting all registration documentation, the club will prepare the image for the membership campaign. It will launch after Corpus Christi.