Consum increases its sales by 1.6% to 3,378 million euros

Consum invoiced 3,378.

Consum increases its sales by 1.6% to 3,378 million euros

Consum invoiced 3,378.9 million euros in 2021, 1.6% more than the previous year. The results stood at 67.9 million euros, 3.6% more. The Valencian cooperative has kept its turnover at a constant surface, without the sales of the openings, which have been a total of 54: 6 own establishments and 48 Charter franchises.

"2020 was an exceptional year with record growth that exceeded 13% -since distribution assumed the sales that the hotel industry could not do- and therefore, in 2021 it is a great value to maintain the quota", highlighted the general manager , Juan Luis Durich, at the press conference held this morning in Valencia.

For its part, sales of the Consum online store increased by 37.6%, reaching 61.37 million euros. They symbolize 4% of the company's total sales, which, therefore, will continue to maintain the sales model from its own stores, without betting on ad hoc warehouses.

"Our objective is to maintain the service from the stores, which is why we are studying and will launch hybrid projects with large stores that will have a large warehouse but specialize in online," Durich highlighted.

On the other hand, the total investments reached 149.9 million euros, 27.6% more than in 2020, destined to the opening of new supermarkets, the expansion and reform of 35 stores to adapt them to the new model of Consum , which is already implemented in more than a hundred stores, and the digitization of processes in all logistics centers, as well as innovation and digitization processes.

With the new openings, the commercial network has 838 establishments, 466 owned and 372 Charter (629,106 m² of sales room), located in the Valencian Community, Catalonia, Castile-La Mancha, Murcia, Andalusia and Aragon.

In territories such as the latter, distribution can be done from the new logistics platform (20,000 square meters) that Consum has designed in Catalonia, specifically in the town of Montcada i Reixac, to provide service from there to stores located up to 300 kilometers away.

Regarding its expansion in Catalonia, Durich has also pointed out that "this year we plan to open three stores, but this evolution will be progressively greater, we will open many more in 2023 and 2024, with a rate of 10 stores in Catalonia per year".

By 2022, the Cooperative plans to increase its rate of openings and open 56 more supermarkets: 15 of its own and 41 Charter, and carry out 32 reforms and 12 extensions.

Consum also created 826 new jobs in 2021, reaching a workforce of 18,212 workers, of which 73% are women. 94% of the workforce enjoys the status of member, permanent member or member in a trial period.

In 2021, 71.5 million euros were distributed, of which 42.8 million correspond to the distribution of cooperative results among the worker members and 39.2 million to objective bonuses among the entire workforce. In addition, Consum's activity generated some 41,550 indirect jobs, 6% more than in 2020.

The Cooperative has also explained that it applied in January 2022 a salary increase for its operational staff between 1.7% and 2.5% depending on the professional category, applying a remuneration solidarity measure. This increase affected 89% of the Cooperative's workforce, some 16,408 people, and represented an investment of more than 7.5 million euros. The average remuneration of the partner operational staff amounts to 1,852.13 euros gross per month.