Chinese city of Shanghai sets goal of returning to normal in June

MADRID, 16 May.

Chinese city of Shanghai sets goal of returning to normal in June


The authorities of the Chinese city of Shanghai have explained this Monday that they have set themselves the goal of returning to normality in June.

"Fifteen of Shanghai's 16 districts have lifted COVID-19 restrictions outside of quarantine zones," said Zong Ming, deputy mayor of the city, as reported by the 'China Daily'.

Thus, Zong has assured that he hopes that the city will return completely to normality in June and gradually resume public transport from May 22.

The city reported 69 confirmed cases of symptomatic coronavirus and 869 asymptomatic cases on Sunday, marking the first time daily new infections have fallen below 1,000 since March 24.

Shanghai's shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, shops, pharmacies and catering services will resume operations in a gradual and orderly manner, Zong said Sunday.

Likewise, catering and hairdressing services will gradually resume their return to work.

“We have to work hard to achieve zero cases at the community level by the middle of this month,” Shanghai Deputy Mayor Wu Qing said last week, guaranteeing that, from then on, the authorities will allow an “orderly” return. to the previous situation, according to the radio station RTHK.

The city of Shanghai has become the epicenter of the coronavirus in China, prompting authorities to impose strict restrictions on residents, confined for more than a month.

The quarantine was introduced in the city on March 28, so most shops, markets and stores stopped opening and the population remained at home. However, the authorities encountered difficulties in delivering food and facilitating residents' return to work.

The closure of Shanghai has also had an impact on the global market due to the closure of factories in the area and the lack of supplies.