Chiemsee: Death after the disco – Soko “Club” is looking for a 23-year-old killer

She wanted to have a nice evening and met her killer.

Chiemsee: Death after the disco – Soko “Club” is looking for a 23-year-old killer

She wanted to have a nice evening and met her killer. The body of a woman was discovered in a river in Prien am Chiemsee on Monday afternoon. The Kripo is certain: The 23-year-old was killed! A special commission (Soko) is investigating and has already got the first results - but it now needs the help of the population. The approximately 40 investigators from the Soko "Club" have already been able to reconstruct part of the last hours of the young woman's life.

According to what is known so far, she visited the "Eiskeller" club in Aschau on Sunday evening, which has been a popular meeting place for young people in the Chiemgau community with its almost 6,000 residents for more than 20 years. After a break of around two months, the "Season Opening" party was on the program from 10 p.m. "We're counting the days..." the hip-hop club announced. Several hundred people are said to have celebrated there on the night of German Unity Day. The young woman lived not far from the disco, also in Aschau - everyone knows each other there. However, whether she was alone in the "ice cellar" or who she was in contact with there are just two of the questions that the Soko has.

One thing is certain for the officers of the Rosenheim Criminal Police Inspectorate: the 23-year-old left the club early Monday morning at around 2.30 a.m. What happened after that is completely unclear. The police are urgently looking for witnesses who saw them leaving the disco or afterwards. In particular, observations, but also photos and videos of guests of the "season opening" are of interest to the investigators. "There are still a lot of people we need to hear," said a police spokesman for the DPA news agency. The Soko set up an information portal on the Internet.

Twelve hours later, on Monday around 2:30 p.m., a passer-by found the young woman's body in the Prien river, about eight kilometers as the crow flies from the "Eiskeller". The alarmed police recovered the mortal remains and brought them to the forensic medicine department in Munich. There the dead person was identified. "During their investigations, the forensic doctors also found clear traces that suggest external violence and thus prove a homicide," the police said afterwards. She did not give any details "for reasons of investigation tactics". Nor did she provide any information as to whether a sex crime had been committed. "We do not rule that out," said a spokesman.

The body may have been dumped elsewhere in the water. The Prien flows only about 200 meters past the Aschauer Club in the direction of the municipality of the same name, where the river flows into Lake Chiemsee.

The Soko was founded on the day the body was found. On Tuesday, too, dozens of officers were looking for traces around the "Eiskeller", as well as at the site where the body was found in Prien-Kaltenbach and along the river. Dogs were also used. Police divers should also be looking for traces in the Prien, Bavarian radio reported. Police have not said anything of value was found. Among other things, the black shoulder bag (see photo above) and a black leather jacket of the dead are still missing, according to the information.

The investigators are now hoping for quick clues to solve the crime against the young woman. In their home town, meanwhile, there is horror. Aschau's mayor Simon Frank told the "Oberbayerisches Volksblatt": "It literally pulls the rug out from under your feet. What remains is a mixture of sadness, anger and bewilderment."

The Kripo in Rosenheim receives information about the case on the free telephone number (0800) 5565101. A reference portal, also for uploading video or image files, has been set up here.

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