Cheers!: Gin Advent Calendar 2022: Five tasting tips for the juniper kick

Probably very few gin drinkers are interested in it.

Cheers!: Gin Advent Calendar 2022: Five tasting tips for the juniper kick

Probably very few gin drinkers are interested in it. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned at this point why THE fashionable spirit of the past few years in this country and (almost) everywhere in the world is called gin at all. Basically, this is the internationalized short form of Genévrier, the French word for juniper. The colorless but flavorful all-rounder probably originated in the 17th century. Genever, a kind of forerunner of today's gin creations, made its way to England from the Netherlands. There it was baptized with the obvious name "Gin". And as such, juniper schnapps began an unprecedented triumph a few years ago. Of course also as a long drink with tonic on ice. The supermarket shelves are full of gins of all colours, shapes and facets. In Germany alone, you can no longer keep up when counting the different gins. Filling an advent calendar with 24 different gins is child's play. Even five are no problem.

If you want to drink something nicer during the 24 cloudy days of December with a little gin trip around the world, you should consider the gin advent calendar from Foodist. The manufacturer promises 24 treats from all over the world – from liquid masterpieces to mysterious newcomers. Each bottle contains 5 cl of an international juniper speciality. Denmark, Finland and the Eifel have contributed to the 2021 gin countdown. Everything else remains behind closed calendar doors until December. As a little extra, the Foodist Gin Tasting comes with a small booklet with recipe ideas and tasting tips.

The 24 bottles of this gin advent calendar are hidden in a chic wooden box. They answer to strange names like Huckleberry Gin, Gin Button or Hans Jürgen Heiszeit and, according to the manufacturer, all come from small and large German gin manufacturers. Things are looking rather bad here with sharing, because the sample sip is rather manageable at 2 cl per bottle. Instead, there may be some real juniper bombs and insider tips. A booklet with a brief fact check on each gin guides you through the 24-day countdown. There is also a notepad for checking your personal favourites. The "24 Days of Gin" advent calendar is available here.

Not 24, but "only" eight premium gins are hidden in the current Drink Syndikat advent calendar. And for a good reason. Because gin lovers will also find liqueurs, sparkling wine, vermouth, amaro, tonic water, ginger beer, jam and spices in this calendar. Cleverly mixed, a total of 16 gin cocktails are created. The Drink Syndikat provides the recipes for this in a "Best-of" manual with further information on the manufacturers of the juniper schnapps. The Drink Syndikat Gin advent calendar is available here.

In its second edition, the Vita Dulcis Gin Advent Calendar wants to conquer the throats of gin fans. From London Dry to Western Dry everything is included. With a content of 2 cl, the samples are rather small. Most come from England and Scotland. After all, four gins from Germany are hidden behind the doors. There are also pearls from Norway, Spain and Switzerland. After the tasting, you can also make notes on the individual samples in a lavish brochure. Here's the Vita Dulcis Gin advent calendar.

Finally, an advent calendar enters the race, which not only hides gin samples behind its little doors. Instead, gin tonics can be mixed directly with the surprises of the Liquid Director gin calendar, which can then be tried with a suitable sweet or salty snack. Minor downside: it takes a little patience. Because three doors have to be opened for a full gin and tonic set. In short: the calendar hides a total of eight gin and tonics and a small treat. On top of that there is a ninth bottle of gin for all gin purists. The gins from four countries come directly from the manufacturer as original miniatures. As a little treat there is a bar tool for the cocktail glass. Nice: According to the manufacturer, the calendar comes without plastic. Especially with the tonic samples you can look forward to some special drops. The Liquid Director Gin Tonic Snack Calendar is available here.

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