Champions League. Karim Benzema, after Real Madrid's coronation: "We deserve victory, there is no way"

Karim Benzema, Canal: "These important things in life.

Champions League. Karim Benzema, after Real Madrid's coronation: "We deserve victory, there is no way"

Karim Benzema, Canal: "These important things in life. It is always hard to win the Champions League. But this year, it was even harder. We did it. Our victory is deserved because we only played large teams like Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, PSG and Chelsea tonight. It is impossible. You can't have luck every time, but you can have it once. We deserve. We put in incredible effort and never gave up.

The question about the Ballon d'Or was: "The Ballon d'Or is always in my head?" I was done with my season and now I'll be going to the selection (Monday N.D.L.R). I believe that I can do better in club this year (Liga LDC, top scorer LDC and Liga, N.D.L.R). We will see how it turns out, but I am proud of the achievements I made.

Ferland Mendy, TF1: "It is madness, it’s a lot emotions honestly. We were so united that we couldn't stop talking throughout the match. We agreed that we needed to work together. We had to be focused and did it well. It worked. It was a wild course. We weren't clear favorites and we weren't expected to be there. But we did our job, and "launched Olympique Lyonnais' former left side."

Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid goalkeeper, won the Champions League 1-0 against Liverpool on BT Sport: "Yesterday in a conference, I stated that Madrid won them when they played finals. I was right on the side of history. Today, I had to win a final to my career. I wanted my name to be remembered for all my efforts. I don't think my name is respected enough in England. Even after a fantastic season, I received a lot of positive reviews. The team is a great group of people. We persevered and, when we needed me, I was there to support the team. We beat some of the most elite clubs in the world. This season, Liverpool and City have been incredible. They fought to the end in the Premier League. Liverpool won two cups, and they were very strong. We had a chance to win today and we played well.

Eduardo Camavinga, Real Madrid's midfielder, said: "It's my childhood dream to touch the cup and experience matches like this, it's crazy. That's why I came here. We are the best club in the country, we play only big matches. I was very happy to be in the final and have won it. It's the club's history, the incredible players and the incredible coach (Carlo Ancelotti ). And, most importantly, we play with our hearts, it pays off. I've learned a lot from experienced players and I feel more responsible.

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach and winner of his fourth Champions League. He speaks at the microphone for British channel BT Sport: "I can't imagine it. It has been a great season. It was a great season. It was difficult, and we were very disappointed in the first part. We won the competition, which I believe was our right. We are happy. What can you say? I don't have anything more to add. I'm the man of records. Last year, I was fortunate enough to return here (to Real), and had a great season. This is a fantastic club with strong character and great qualities.