Champions Cup: Bernard Jackman and Kevin Gourdon present the 30 finalists

Brice Dulin (15).

Champions Cup: Bernard Jackman and Kevin Gourdon present the 30 finalists

Brice Dulin (15). A big return to form. I believe he will bring a lot of stuff, either on foot or in raises. He is my second favorite balloon catcher, after Israel Folau. He is a bit of a teasing animal, but we do need him to be in a group. It doesn't mind being bothered by large animals despite its small size.

Dillyn Leyds (14). He is very artistic when he holds the ball. He is very attractive in a sport that places the very strong first, and it is quite beautiful to see him with his body of Mr. Everybody. He is a quiet, but very important member of the group.

Jeremy Sinzelle (13), "Jerem", I shared a lot with him because we are both of the same generation. We were at the France Pole together and in Toulon during my time there. It's hard to function without him. Even if there aren't sparks and 70m breakthroughs, he is our hub. This is the most important thing in the group. He's humanly a southerly guy, which I truly appreciate.

Jonathan Danty (12). This is a great pick. Although he was initially categorized as a non-technical player he has been able to walk every weekend and play alongside him. He is very complete, and does us much good in the middle field. His physical density in the rucks is amazing. We have come to appreciate his ability to be a bit reserved.

Raymond Rhule (11) He is a man of extraordinary qualities. He can run fast, and for three-quarters he can withstand pain. He clears quickly so you don't feel he's behind the game. He is a great guy, but he also knows how to play well. He likes to have fun, and he sometimes has to take the wheel (pledges editor's note), and he has very few clothing problems. He is a bit American.

Ihaia West (10). He is an incredible entertainer. While everyone remembers his missed penalties and the impact he has on the game and the group, he is also a remarkable entertainer. It is not formatted in Anglo-Saxon style. I trust he will resolve the issues.

Thomas Berjon (9). He was eager to play, but not too much. He is diligent and it's important that people, even those who don't play much, are there for you. Although he has some areas that need improvement, he is part of a group of players who are able to distribute and put you in a good position to play well.

Gregory Alldritt (8 He is a big boy with a lot of energy. He understood how to develop by playing before contact, and that is a great thing. He is the captain and follows Romain (Sazy).

Matthias Haddad-Victor (7). He played a great game against Paris. He is a remarkable player with outstanding dueling skills for his position. His size is not the greatest but he makes good use of it. He is reminded that his attitude in contact is very similar to his own. We are indeed working (laughs). He knew that, but he had to show his potential. He is not as effective defensively as Wiaan (Liebenberg), but he can make very low tackles. He never misses his target. He is a bit elated. It's okay. His radiant smile is contagious.

Wiaan Liebenberg (66) I have a lot to admire his game. His intensity is amazing every weekend. He is also a great ball player, which we often forget. He can converse in French and English, and can talk to everyone about many topics. It's very enriching.

Will Skelton (5) Wow! Everybody has their own size and power. When you examine his matches, everything looks perfect and there are no frills. It has a huge impact on the game and the opponents. It is, however, a paste in the group. He prepares the mise en place. He gained many things.

Thomas Lavault (4) He made a significant improvement and worked hard to overcome the course and be able to play in these crucial matches. It is important to not rest on your laurels. He's a multitasking, aerial, and complete player who doesn't stand out in any one sector. It's almost like "Saze", (Sazy), there is no line between what he does and all the other things he does. It adds a lot of intensity.

Uini Atonio (3) His aura, his charisma is both discrete and voluble. A right pillar, who has played for France for over ten years and has never been injured. He is an inspiration for young people who wish to emulate him. His hands are amazing and he has many other qualities not suitable for a prop's body. He's also a melee butcher and that's what makes him a pillar.

Pierre Bourgarit (2) « Bourga » has seen a tremendous improvement in his game this year. He is very strong in all positions. Although (Julien Marchand) and (Peato] Mauvaka are the best in France, I think he is the best. It's a bit disappointing. He's a complete hooker and is good all around. He is a bit rural and paternalistic in his human nature, even though he is young. He cooks a lot at the home. If you need it, it is there.

Dany (1) We haven't seen Dany Priso in a while. I believe his best match was against Racing in the semis. It was amazing to me. He's so strong that it makes it difficult for anyone behind him to move. His ability to move is amazing. It's Raymond, the American in the group. No one would be complaining if he was born in New York. It is also good to see a guy who doesn't take the lead.

Hugo Keenan (15) He's huge. This is the Irishman that has made the greatest progress over the past five years. It wasn't clear that he would be a pro when he was at Leinster Academy. He is now very important, he works hard, is fast and can hit high balls.

Jimmy O'Brien (14). He's another Leinster-educated footballer who was not a star at school, but a regular player. He progresses each season and is now able to play in front of internationals. He can play either back or 2nd centre.

Garry Ringrose (13) An excellent player. He is the vice captain behind Jonathan Sexton. He is consistent, has good speed and is solid in defense. Although it isn't very strong, it moves forward. It's very important.

Robbie Henshaw (12). He lost his place with Ireland in the Six Nations. Andy Farrell preferred Bundee Aki, but he has been Leinster’s highest-scoring player for the past few months. He is very assertive and advances a lot. I cannot wait to see him duel Jonathan Danty.

James Lowe (11) He is the one who has scored the most try in the Champions Cup. His left foot, which is strong and important for camp outings, is very important to him. Although he can move around the field, he is not allowed to use his wings. Jamison Gibson Park is his partner in the rucks.

Jonathan Sexton (10) Plays better than he did when he was 27, He is at his best and I believe Leinster can win if he plays 60, 70 minutes.

Jamison Gibson Park (9) He was in New Zealand behind (Tawera Kerr-Barlow). After three years, Leinster hired him as a project player to be part of the selection. Leinster and Ireland's new style of play, which is quicker, more mobile, with lots of passing, matches his strengths. Antoine Dupont has a great season but he is still the best scrum halves of this Champions Cup.

Jack Conan (8 He was with the British Lions and Irish Lions. He is strong and has the support to catch tackles.

Josh van der Flier (7) He's amazing. His profile has changed dramatically. He was a tackler-scratcher and used to score a lot of balls. But, last year, he is a ball carrier who scores scores, advances, and carries the ball like mad. He is in excellent shape.

Caelan Doris (66) A very competitive and skilled athlete. He is very efficient in both attack and defense.

James Ryan (5) James Ryan is returning from a knockout, but he played well against Toulouse. Everyone says that he is a leader and will be the next captain for Ireland after Sexton. Although he isn't as active as Skelton, he can play for up to 80 minutes.

Ross Molony (4) He has not played for Ireland. This is unusual for a Leinster starter. However, he has been in the squad at other times. He is in top form, like Sexton. He is very touchy and a leader.

Tadhg Furlong (3) He is probably the best Irish right-prop, possibly in the Six Nations, though Uini Atonio, the French right-prop, was better. He is a good pass-maker, can carry the ball well and his strongest point is the scrum.

Ronan Kelleher (2) Strong, strong, very good at scrum, and physically fit. He is very talented and has a great No. He has Dan Sheenan (Dan) Sheenan behind him, who is a lot like Mauvaka in Toulouse, and a specialist in impact players. Both are young and both play for the same province. Sheenan did not want to join Munster.

Andrew Porter (1) It's a good idea to move him to the left. Cian Healy has had a long and successful career. He was able to do more than 20 minutes per game (behind Furlong editor's note). This is a huge advantage for us. He was left-handed from the age of 19 onwards. It is better to begin with Furlong and him simultaneously.