Cedric Villani's challenge, the Nupes rising in the polls to take on the lobbies

We are only 17 days away from the first round legislative elections.

Cedric Villani's challenge, the Nupes rising in the polls to take on the lobbies

We are only 17 days away from the first round legislative elections. Damien Abad remains minister.

A little air for Damien Abad. The Paris prosecutor's Office announced Wednesday that it would not open a preliminary investigation into the sexual violence allegations against the Minister of Solidarity. The prosecution doesn't "follow up" on the mail sent by the Observatory of Sexist and Sexual Violence, which received the testimony of two accused. Why? He believes that he doesn't possess the "element allowing for the identification of victim of the facts denounced".

Damien Abad is able to breathe legally. But, political scandals continue to be a source of embarrassment for the government's top brass. Elisabeth Borne, Prime Minister, claims she wasn't aware of the allegations against the Republican defector. Franceinfo's revelations on the chronology of events have weakened this version. The Mediapart article naming the minister was published on the day of his appointment to the government. Franceinfo reports that Mediapart reached out to the Prime Minister's services before the publication of the article. However, the email that was sent by Mediapart did not go through. Matignon knew therefore the contents of the allegations against the minister at least one day before the revelations.

Cedric Villani's 48-year-old political career is enough to make voters smile. The new deputy was elected in 2017 with 69.4% vote under En Marche!. He set out three years later for Paris to take control of the town hall. It was not something he wanted to invest. He left her. He explains today his departure to her by citing "the environmental inaction by the government" or "the lack of a project" as Emmanuel Macron. He has made label changes that appear to confuse residents of Bures-sur-Yvette in Essonne. We followed him to the market.

Each day, the Obs takes you to a key constituency until the legislative election. Cedric Villani, Paul Midy and Gabriel Amard will meet Friday, when Gabriel Amard, Melenchon's son-in-law, parachuted into Villeurbanne in the Rhone.

There will be only two weeks of campaigning before the first round in the legislative elections, after the Ascension weekend. Where are the voting intentions? The OpinionWayKea Partners barometer, published Wednesday for Radio Classique and "les Echos", shows that the alliance of left and environmentalists around JeanLuc Melenchon – the Nupes - advanced by 1 point in a week to reach 25%. She is now within 1 point of the presidential majority which maintains the lead but loses 1 percent with 26% of the voting intentions. The National Rally of Marine Le Pen is responsible for 21% of all voting intentions. Republicans are responsible for 11%.

According to projections, Emmanuel Macron will still be able to benefit from the clear majority in the Assembly with between 295-335 seats. Left-wing coalitions (LFI and EELV, PS, and the PCF), would have between 155 to 185.

The problem with ethics rules is that it is not black and white. The rules can be ineffective when faced with the many shades of gray. Context has a new example. According to the information site, Eleonore Laprettre (who was the chief of staff at Marc Fesneau's Ministry of Relations with Parliament) will be joining Phyteis. Phyteis is the lobby for the industry of phytosanitary products (pesticides etc.). She was responsible for public affairs.

Marc Fesneau, his former boss (MoDem), has been appointed Minister of... Agriculture. He is now responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the pesticide reduction program. Yannick Jadot, an ecologist, denounced Yannick Jadot's tweet "The lobbies in the heart of the quinquenium season 2".

As it should, the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life has been seized. However, Eleonore Leprettre made the request back in April 26th, long before Marc Fesneau was in a new position. Therefore, the HATVP issued a positive opinion on May 16.

The environmentalists who promised a law "separating lobbies from the state" in Yannick Jadot’s victory make this a campaign argument for legislative elections. "Here's the macronie with no face. "The Nupes are the only hope against the lobbybies," Sandrine Rousseau comments on her Twitter account.

"The policy I will lead over the next five years will either be environmentally friendly or not," declared Emmanuel Macron in Marseille during the inter-rounds to the presidential election. Three months later, Macron installed three women into the key positions of his new environment system. Agnes Pannier-Runacher was appointed for Energy Transition, while Amelie de Montchalin was appointed for Ecological Transition.

Their roadmap? Their roadmap? These three women will make France the "great eco nation" that Emmanuel Macron promised in Marseille. Our survey reveals elements of our response.