Catalonia aspires to host the 2031 Ryder Cup


Catalonia aspires to host the 2031 Ryder Cup


The Costa Brava-Barcelona candidacy would be close to reaching an agreement for the organization of the prestigious Ryder Cup, the competition that faces the teams of Europe and the United States, in its 2031 edition in the fields of the PGA Catalunya of Caldes de Malavella (Girona).

According to La Vanguardia, the Catalan candidacy would be "one step away from tying" to host the Ryder Cup 2031, in the facilities of a PGA Catalunya that has already unsuccessfully aspired to host the Ryder 2022, which will finally take place in 2023 in Rome Italy).

According to this information, the candidacy would already have the support of the Spanish and Catalan federations, the Spanish Government and the Girona Provincial Council and City Council. And it is negotiated to have the green light from the Catalan Government, the City Council and the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Sources from the PGA Catalunya confirmed to La Vanguardia the conversations with the organization of the Ryder Cup and their "firm will" to host the biannual competition in 2031, after the editions of Rome 2023, New York 2025, Limerick (Ireland) 2027 and Minnesota 2029.

If the candidacy goes ahead, Spain would once again host the Ryder Cup after, 34 years ago, the Valderrama Golf Club (Cádiz) held the 1997 edition, with Europe triumphing over the American team.