Cashmere: That's what the fine wool is all about

Gigi Hadid (27) is 100 percent convinced.

Cashmere: That's what the fine wool is all about

Gigi Hadid (27) is 100 percent convinced. As Creative Director, she designs cashmere garments for her fashion label Guest in Residence. The sought-after model keeps posting impressions of her work as head of her own fashion brand on Instagram.

Cashmere is a material that never goes out of fashion and has various advantages, especially in winter. It convinces with its pleasant, cozy warmth in cold temperatures - the fine wool warms six times more than sheep's wool. The fine fibers have even more advantages: Cashmere sweaters are usually very light and do not scratch or pill.

Cashmere is one of the most valuable and expensive natural fibers. The wool is obtained from the fur of cashmere goats. This is native to the region of the same name in the Himalayas. Because cashmere is so expensive, it is often mixed with sheep's or merino's wool to make textiles.

A sweater is considered a cashmere sweater if it contains at least 85 percent cashmere. Only goods that consist entirely of high-quality cashmere of the highest quality class may bear the designation "100 percent cashmere". Because the fibers are a very sensitive material, cashmere garments should only be cleaned by hand and with a special wool detergent.

You don't have to wash cashmere often: the material has self-cleaning abilities. If you allow the pullover to rest for a day or two in between, the material becomes fresher again - airing ensures that odors dissipate.

Incidentally, Gigi Hadid discovered her love for cashmere through sweaters that she inherited from her parents and which gave her a sense of home when she moved to New York. This is how she describes it on the website of her fashion label. For her, cashmere sweaters are garments that are made to last for years, not just one season.