Camping accessories: outdoor bathroom for on the go: five shower tents in comparison

Showering is one of the biggest challenges when camping, because only in noble caravans or motorhomes there is a small bathroom.

Camping accessories: outdoor bathroom for on the go: five shower tents in comparison

Showering is one of the biggest challenges when camping, because only in noble caravans or motorhomes there is a small bathroom. In the converted Bulli, however, there is usually only space for a water tank. Toilet and/or shower, on the other hand, are a rarity. A shower tent solves this problem if you don't feel like washing yourself in the shared showers. This is an upright tent that you can set up near your Bulli and in which you can shower, change clothes or go to the toilet undisturbed.

A good shower tent must therefore meet a few basic criteria. First, a shower head mount is desirable. Second, it should provide pockets for toiletries. A waterproof bag for clothes is also a plus, as are vents on the side or roof to allow shower steam or other fumes to escape.

Or you can at least enjoy the beautiful view during a longer session if cell phone reception fails. Thirdly, a good shower tent impresses with a reasonable hold. Not that it flies away in a gust of wind. And fourthly, a light construction is of course never wrong. Important: Use biodegradable shower stuff to protect nature.

Let's start with the Wolfwise pop-up shower tent. Pop-up tents impress with their particularly simple and quick assembly. Instead of pushing tent poles together and tucking them into the tent, all you have to do is unfold it. It is still advisable to do this in pairs. With a weight of only 2.2 kilograms, the Wolfwise shower tent is quite light. And it's also easy to stow away, because its pack size is only 59 x 59 centimeters with a height of 3.5 centimetres.

However, particularly large campers should distance themselves from the shower tent. With a height of 190 centimeters, people over 1.90 meters should feel cramped. The same applies if you want to shower in it for two. With a floor width of 120 centimetres, that is quite narrow. Unfortunately, the tent only has one opening, which is located in the headboard. Through these you have to guide the shower head. Unfortunately, the shower tent does not offer a holder for this.

You can store your shower stuff in a small pocket on the side. Unfortunately, the bag cannot be closed watertight, which is why it is unsuitable for technical devices. Otherwise, the tent offers a towel holder. A bag for clothes is missing. After all, a floor mat is included if you don't want to shower on the natural surface. You can secure the tent with pegs on four side ropes.

Conclusion: An entry-level shower tent that lacks a shower head holder and waterproof clothes compartments.

It's definitely cheaper with this shower tent from Tukailai. This is also a pop-up tent that you simply unfold and attach to four ropes with pegs. Its dimensions are also the same as the Wolfwise tent and are 190 x 120 x 120 centimeters. Accordingly, it only offers space for one person who is a maximum of 1.80 meters tall.

In comparison, the Tukailai is not only better because of its slightly lower price. It also offers a shower head holder, two openings on the headboard and one opening on the side. In addition to a small bag for your shower gear, there is also a towel holder in the tent. Unfortunately, there is no waterproof bag for clothes.

With a weight of around 2.5 kilograms, it is slightly heavier than the competition. But the circular carrier bag also only has a diameter of 60 centimeters. The Tukailai tent can also be easily stowed away with it. Unfortunately, a floor mat is missing. Whether you like it or not, you have to shower on the natural floor. A pity.

Conclusion: A cheaper and more sophisticated shower tent, which unfortunately lacks a floor mat. You will also look in vain for waterproof clothing bags here.

The Lumaland shower tent is not a pop-up tent. And yet the manufacturer promises a simple structure. It should succeed with a special folding system. According to the manufacturer, you simply pull on a safety rope, which triggers a mechanism that ensures that the tent's articulated poles unfold.

The tent should be of particular interest to larger campers, as according to the manufacturer it is suitable for people up to 205 centimeters tall. Inside the tent there is a hook to which you can attach the shower head of your camping shower. Of course, the tent also offers a towel holder and pockets for your clothes. Unfortunately they are not waterproof. Of course, pegs ensure that the tent is held securely.

However, with a total weight of 5.3 kilograms, the tent is more than twice as heavy as the first two shower tents in comparison. Its pack size is small at 100 x 15 x 15 centimetres. A groundsheet is also included. If necessary, this can also be removed.

Conclusion: At 5.3 kilograms, it's a real chunk and significantly more expensive than other shower tents. For large campers, however, the better choice than the smaller models.

If you are looking for a cheaper yet relatively large shower tent, Freesport's model could be the one for you. Compared to the Lumaland shower tent, with a height of 200 centimeters it is a whole 20 centimeters smaller, but 15 cm wider and still high enough for people of above-average height.

Its biggest disadvantage is probably the construction, because it works like a classic tent: you have to guide the tent poles through the provided loops and then attach them to an eyelet on the tent floor. Of course, this is not really complicated with two poles, but setting up other shower tents is of course easier. Of course, you can also attach the Freesport shower tent to the ground with pegs. The accompanying floor mat can be removed.

There is a ventilation hatch in the roof of the tent. Unfortunately, it does not offer any other openings. You can put your shower stuff in a small pocket inside, but unfortunately, wimpy showerheads miss a towel holder. With a weight of 3.2 kilograms, however, it is significantly lighter than its Lumaland likeness.

Conclusion: The compromise for tall but frugal people. The missing towel holder spoils the euphoria.

Large families know the problem when the diva of the clique occupies the only bathroom for hours in the morning. It's no different with a camping holiday, of course. For all those, a double shower tent might make sense. One of these rare examples is the Gymax model.

This is a double pop-up tent as compared to the first two tents. Unfortunately, with a height of 190 centimeters, it is not suitable for larger than average campers. The shower cubicles are each 113 centimeters wide. There are two small mesh pockets inside each shower cubicle and of course a line for the towels.

An internal zip separates the two shower cubicles. Fix the double tent to the ground with pegs. However, you cannot remove the tent floor. At 4.3 kilograms, it is the second heaviest tent in comparison.

Conclusion: The right shower tent for groups or large families.

Some gadgets make the shower in the shower tent easier. A so-called wet bag, for example, ensures that your clothes stay dry in the shower. Also make sure that you use biodegradable shower gel in nature. After all, we want to preserve the most beautiful spots on earth for our descendants. And of course you need a camping shower. Here is an electric model that you only have to hold in a freshwater tank.

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