BVB missed an early round of 16 ticket: the scores for 1-1 against Sevilla

After a mediocre performance against FC Sevilla, Borussia Dortmund managed to draw 1-1.

BVB missed an early round of 16 ticket: the scores for 1-1 against Sevilla

After a mediocre performance against FC Sevilla, Borussia Dortmund managed to draw 1-1. The Black-Yellows got off to a shaky start and fell behind early on thanks to a goal by Nianzou. However, Jude Bellingham was able to equalize in the first half. After a largely uneventful second period, there was a deserved draw. With the point win, BVB has the best chance of reaching the round of 16, even if the ticket could not be bought early. We take a look at the individual reviews of the BVB stars.

The Swiss initially had little to do on his comeback. The keeper couldn't do anything with the Nianzou header. Otherwise he was not challenged in the first half. In the 67th minute, however, he made a brilliant save against Lamela, who couldn't get the ball past the Borussia number one from two meters. Rating: 8/10

Thomas Meunier was quite stable defensively, but didn't make the best impression with the ball at his feet for long stretches. Even before the 1-1, the Belgian initially processed the pass from Bellingham poorly, but then found the Englishman with an exemplary cross, which gave him a large part of the goal. Ultimately, however, one must also state that all of his other flanks - once again - were weak. Shortly before the end, Meunier had to leave injured. Rating: 5/10

Süle defended mostly sovereign in the first round. After a long ball slipped in the early stages, he also improved in this discipline. Shortly after the break, he put in an action worth seeing in the form of a volley, although his attempt wasn't really dangerous. Once Süle made life unnecessarily difficult for his keeper with a back pass, otherwise it was a very decent game. Rating: 7/10

Mats Hummels got into the game well from the start and was able to drive some important tackles. He also made the usual confident impression in the game structure. In the second half, the central defender made a few careless mistakes. In the important duels, however, the veteran was on the spot. Rating: 7/10

The youngster started extremely nervously and let Navas run over him nasty before Rakitic's chance. Not every pass worked in the build-up game either. At least Rothe bit his way into the game better in the course of the first half and was able to set an example in a few duels. However, that didn't keep him from being substituted at half-time. However, it should be emphasized that Rothe is only 17 years old and still has little experience at this level. He remains a hope for the future.Rating: 4/10

Jude Bellingham was the absolute leader and was always in action both offensively and defensively. The Englishman occasionally played on the fringes of the law but was hugely important in his role as a mentality player. After about 30 minutes, with a bit of luck, he could have received a penalty. A little later he scored after Meunier template after he had initiated the scene himself. On the other hand, he looked unhappy when conceding a goal when he remained too passive against Nianzou. In the second round, the youngster made a few inaccuracies. In the duels, too, he surprisingly often only came second. Rating: 7/10

Salih Özcan was in much less action than Jude Bellingam, but didn't do much in terms of build-up play. On the other hand, he seemed a little passive in the duels, in which he lacked presence. All in all a decent game, but a little more fire in one or the other action would not have been wrong. Shortly before the end it flared out of him with a bad sliding tackle against Nianzou. An action that was rather dark yellow. Rating: 5/10

Brandt was initially unable to set any highlights in terms of football. But the attitude of the midfielder, who cut a good figure in the pressing, was right. His best scene in the first period was his precise placement on Bellingham when he had a chance just before half-time. He had previously used paint well in one scene, but the acceptance failed. In contrast to his offensive colleagues, Brandt at least mostly found his teammates. But the national player was not able to initiate the really big chances too often. Rating: 6/10

Adeyemi was bubbling with energy, but everything he tackled backfired in round one. The right winger dribbled again and again and could not bring any precise passes to the man. He only became dangerous when he took the ball from Marcao near the goal, but hit the ball too close to the goal when Modeste was bare. The offensive player remained rather pale in the second round. Apart from an assist for Brandt, not much jumped out of his actions. Rating: 3/10

The Dutchman started with commitment and also put in a lot of effort on the defensive. However, there was an occasional lack of accuracy and a good first contact as we made our way forward. However, Malen then rewarded himself for his effort by initiating the 1:1. In the second round, the winger made a great effort again, but was only able to assert himself in a few actions. Rating: 5/10

The center forward didn't take place at all in the first round. A total of four ball contacts and zero shots in the first 45 minutes confirm that. In the second half, the French got into the game better and was able to secure a few balls well. Ultimately, however, his impact remained minor, which is why he was replaced by Moukoko after just over an hour. Rating: 3/10

The Portuguese left his side open twice after coming on as a substitute right after the restart. Even on the way forward he was busy, but his actions were too imprecise. Overall one of the weakest games seen from the Portuguese in recent weeks.Rating: 3/10

Moukoko was mostly alone in the front and didn't get into the game as a result. After all, with a good effort against keeper Bono, he got a corner kick. The youngster didn't emit a goal threat. Rating: 3/10

The American made his comeback after a short injury break but needed until injury time to really make an impact. He did this with excellent dribbling. Unfortunately, nobody was able to convert his cross.Rating: 5/10

Hazard could hardly set accents after his substitution. He was only able to prepare a header chance for Mats Hummels with a corner kick. Rating: 4/10

Nico Schlotterbeck came in for the stricken Hummels shortly before the end and didn't make much of an appearance. Without rating

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