Borne ploughs Calvados, Arthaud tackles Melenchon and Zemmour "isn't God"

13 days remain before the first round in legislative elections.

Borne ploughs Calvados, Arthaud tackles Melenchon and Zemmour "isn't God"

13 days remain before the first round in legislative elections. It is all about family traditions in Pink City.

It was a great welcome that Elisabeth Borne received Saturday in Aunay-sur-Odon. According to the daily "Liberation", the new Prime Minister was seen on the market as a legislative candidate for the 6th District of Calvados. She will be trying to succeed Alain Tourret (an ex-left-wing radical who joined La Republique en Marche in 2017), as deputy.

RSA amount, gasoline prices, and agricultural policy: The head of government with her legislative candidate cap has been detained several times in the market. Elisabeth Borne promised residents that she would return to check on the implementation of what they had decided.

Nathalie Arthaud (the spokesperson for Lutte Ouvriere) stated that Jean-Luc Melenchon (leader of La France Insoumise, LFI), "walks workers from electoral illusions to electoral illusions". "After his defeat at the presidential election, now [JeanLuc Melenchon] explains how he must unite the Socialist Party which he vilified and which he had always denounced," said Nathalie Arthaud, spokesperson for Lutte Ouvriere. The Trotskyist leader was also a candidate to the Elysee Palace. He does not take part in the left alliance, Nupes for the June 12 and 19 ballots.

Jean-Luc Melenchon is wrong. It's not a matter of saying that there will be a few more people who protect the work world. She continued, "This is why we are here: workers need to realize the power they have to make things better by organizing themselves."

Lutte Ouvriere lists candidates in all metropolitan constituencies as well as Guadeloupe Martinique, Reunion, and Guadeloupe.

Pierre Baudis. This name is well-known. The reason is obvious: LREM invested the candidate, aged 34, in Haute-Garonne's 1st constituency. His grandfather and father held a seat there as deputy. "I deny the term dynasty. It justifies the principal. Politics is the professional category that does not have an inheritance. Universal suffrage cannot be transmitted.

"I am very proud of the fate my father, my grandfather who have always acted in support of Toulouse, France, France, and Europe. Pierre Baudis says that he has everything to do. Since his inauguration as a member of LREM, he is still a beginner in politics. After several years of journalism, he switched to communication consulting and social networking. He is a skilled communicator and a loyal soldier. He delivers a speech to praise Emmanuel Macron's policies.

This constituency is often found on the left, when the Baudis are not present there. The presidential majority won it in 2017, but Pierre Cabare, the outgoing deputy, was not reinvested. "Those who vote to elect Pierre Baudis won't necessarily vote for LREM. The name will encourage them, especially the older. It carries an imaginary legacy," says Jean-Michel Ducomte of Sciences-Po Toulouse.

Jean-Luc Melenchon hopes to be Prime Minister by winning a majority at the National Assembly in June with the Left Alliance. He also wants to "dismantle presidencyism" to end the "solitary exercise by a single man" of power, Emmanuel Macron, he explains to "Liberation" in a column.

LFI's leader, who believes the legislative elections are "the third round in the presidential election", thinks that it is possible for "extremely profound upheaval". He states in this forum that "for the first time, a marriage would occur two months after the presidential elections, and in complete contradiction with it".

He explains that if there is a "fundamental divergence" between the President and Prime Minister, "I said that it would be brought before National Assembly".

French citizens living abroad who are registered on consular electoral rolls have started the legislative elections. They can vote online since Friday noon. However, things are not going according to plan. Hundreds of French citizens living abroad see an error message on their computer screens as they attempt to validate their vote.

"A technical problem, which was not observed during the full-scale tests," was reported. The problem concerns confirmation emails being sent to voters via a Yahoo address," confirms the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They also assure that technical assistance teams are working to fix the problem.

The total number of voting options available to these voters in foreign countries is four: by proxy, at the ballot box and via internet. Only French citizens living abroad are allowed to vote online. This is not permitted for legislative or consular elections.

Sunday's quip by Jordan Bardella, acting president of National Rally (RN), was that Eric Zemmour wasn't God. He was accused by Marion Marechal and his family of trying to find his downfall in a difficult legislative district. He doesn't happen in a constituency where everyone pulls out, there is an ocean, everyone must let him through, and he gets through the middle. Politics doesn’t work that way, "launched RN leader on "Sunday In Politics" on France 3.

Eric Zemmour is now pursuing the legislative battle for Var's 4th district. There he received one of his highest scores (14.7%). He will struggle to deal with Philippe Lottiaux, the RN candidate, and Sereine Mauborgne, the outgoing macronist.

Marion Marechal, RN's campaign against Reconquest! Eric Zemmour was one of the candidates. She was reacting alongside Eric Zemmour's opponent on the field to a Jordan Bardella move. "We have candidates who have been fighting in the ground for months, if not years," retorted interim president of RN. You can't tell someone from Paris that it's Eric Zemmour if he arrives. He said, "They are from the 16th district of Paris, in lands where Marine Le Pen has won 50%, 55% and 57% of votes in the second round." He added, "We must stop whining and crying." "I don’t want to kill anyone. I want to save France.

Each day, the Obs takes you to a key constituent. Today's close-up is the 1st District of Haute-Corse. This district includes Saint-Florent, Cap Corse and Bastia.

Five years ago, three Corsican Nationalists made a bold entry into the National Assembly. They will be able to repeat this feat. Bastia's separatists and separatists are no longer on a common list. "L'Obs," the outgoing deputy, followed Michel Castellani (nationalist). Faced with him, 11 candidates dream of taking his spot at the Palais-Bourbon. Read Charlotte Cieslinski's report.