Bored?: With these websites you pass the time

We all love the internet for its diversity.

Bored?: With these websites you pass the time

We all love the internet for its diversity. Creativity, inspiration and amusement hold the scepter firmly in hand on countless sites on the web. There is something for everyone in the endless expanses of the World Wide Web, from fun puzzles to colorful visuals to glorious meaninglessness. These web addresses declare war on boredom.

Thousands of quizzes on a wide variety of topics are collected on the "Sporcle" website, some of which are really exciting. We recommend a quiz in which you have 15 minutes to find the 100 most populous cities in Germany.

By now, most people should be familiar with the artificial intelligence "ChatGPT", as it is by far the fastest growing site on the Internet. The implementation in Microsoft's "Bing" search engine has not yet been released for the general public, but it is only a matter of time. Until then, you can talk to the chatbot directly on the OpenAI website.

In the game "GeoGuessr" you can spend hours. The website drops the user at a random location in Google Street View. Based on clues such as street signs, the flora and the landscape of houses, you then have to guess which place it is.

The "" website automatically leads you to articles and websites that are tailored to your own interests. From How to Pet a Cat to the latest NASA inventions to The 12 Most Dangerous Creatures in Texas, you can learn things you might not have known you wanted to know before.

"Quick Draw!" is a browser game developed by Google in which players have 20 seconds to draw a sketch of a randomly selected object or subject, which Google then guesses using artificial intelligence. The side effect: Google's AI keeps learning through the Monday painting.

In the game "Google Feud" the player is given search engine auto-completion style phrases to complete in order to find out if they are in the top ten Google searches on the subject.

"The Higher Lower Game" also works with Google searches: You are given two topics and have to guess which of the two is googled more often. If you guess correctly, the term is compared with a new one - and so on.

The website "Staggering Beauty" makes a worm dance with mouse movements. Until you suddenly understand the warning in the bottom corner of the screen: "Contains flashing images". If the worm dances faster and faster, you send it on a kind of flickering strobe LSD trip. What is the point of it all? Exactly. none.

A nearly pointless website, but one you can't get away from: one click and The Useless Web takes you to a random website that often falls into the category of "useless content", but that's often what makes it very entertaining.

Another game where you can waste hours, "The Wiki Game" gives you a random Wikipedia page to start with and another page to end at. You then have 120 seconds to get from the start page to the target page via Wikipedia links. Sometimes that's pretty difficult.