Bonuses for civil servants: caregivers, EHPAD... What you need to know


Bonuses for civil servants: caregivers, EHPAD... What you need to know

COVID OFFICIAL PREMIUM. Several decrees have recently been issued specifying the terms and conditions for the payment of bonuses to civil servants promised by the government.

[Updated June 19, 2020 2:30 PM] Many are waiting for it. The premium for civil servants in the context of the coronavirus health crisis has finally been clarified. These premiums sometimes represent more than €1,000 are tax-exempt and exempt from social security contributions. However, they are subject to strict conditions. What are they ? L' explains everything in detail.

The President of the Republic had promised it during a speech, it is finally materializing, via the decree published in the Official Journal in May. As a reminder, the amount differs depending on the department, more or less exposed to the epidemic. Here is what awaits you, in detail:

Note: the manager of a hospital establishment may decide to increase the amount of the bonus to €1,500 for "agent services involved in the care of patients contaminated by the virus mobilized by exceptional circumstances of exercise".

As specified in the published decree, the premium is tax-exempt and exempt from social security contributions. Are you impatiently awaiting payment? It remained until now suspended from the publication of the decree. Last Wednesday, government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye spoke of a settlement "on May or June pay". These gratuities should cost a total of 1.3 billion euros, according to the Ministry of Health.

For the hospital public service specifically, the government had also announced an increase in overtime of up to 50%. In detail, it provides that overtime worked between March 1 and April 30, 2020 will be increased and paid by September 1. Thus, the first 14 hours are increased by 87.5% and the following by 90.5%. Overtime at night is increased by 150%. Overtime worked on Sunday on public holidays is increased by 99%. This represents on average more than 600 euros, said Olivier Véran. "In total, hospital staff in the most strained departments and services will be able to receive, through the bonus and increased overtime, a total amount of around €2,000", estimated the Ministry of Health in a press release.

Retirement home staff will receive a bonus. In detail, the premium will amount to 1,500 euros in the 40 departments where the epidemic was the strongest and "1,000 euros elsewhere", indicated the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran at the beginning of May. "It will be paid in the coming weeks and tax-exempted". The terms and conditions for the payment of this bonus were specified by decree.

In detail, this exceptional premium retains only certain public social and medico-social establishments and services. These functions between March 1 and April 30, 2020. This therefore concerns public officials who come under public social and medico-social establishments and services for the elderly, adults and children with disabilities, public officials who work in health care units. long-term and those who work in accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people EHPAD. Please note that contract agents must have worked for at least 30 days during this period. Civil servants must have worked at least five half-days per week on average during this period.

Bear in mind that the amount of the bonus is reduced by half in case of absence of at least 15 days during this period. If you have been absent for more than 30 days you will not receive this bonus.

Yes, but only agents who continue their missions during this period of confinement linked to the coronavirus crisis (Covid-19), should benefit from it. In total, one in five civil servants should receive this tax-free bonus, the maximum amount of which is 1,000 euros, or 400,000 people, according to the Ministry of Public Accounts. This particularly concerns prison guards, customs officers and teachers who look after the children of caregivers. Are you telecommuting? The latter is, a priori, not incompatible with the bonus.

A decree published on Friday unveiled the details of this bonus for the state and territorial civil service. “The amount of this bonus is determined by the employer within the limit of a ceiling”, indicates the text of the law. "The exceptional bonus is exempt from contributions and social security contributions as well as income tax". Who is concerned ? We take stock:

What amounts should you expect? They were specified in the decree, as follows, depending on the mobilization of the agents:

The cost of the measure is estimated at 300 million euros for the State Civil Service. What about the payment date? It will a priori be necessary to wait for the end of the state of health emergency.

"For the territorial public service, we will leave the possibility to the mayors to pay, if they wish, and I know that many wish, this bonus" to their agents, had informed Gérald Darmanin at the microphone of Europe 1. As for the State civil service, the maximum amount of this bonus will be 1,000 euros and is set in the same way as the bonus for the State civil service (read above).


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