A special Belle.


A special Belle

According to our information, the duo of animators Normand Brathwaite and Mélissa Lavergne, assisted by seven musicians, will welcome on stage the rappers of the group Alaclair Ensemble, Marie Carmen, Caro Dupont, Modlee, Flavia Nascimento and several other artists.

Access to the Belle show

This will be one of the shows whose holding will be confirmed today during a press conference during which a program of more than twenty musical, dance and circus events at the Agora will be revealed.

Since last week, we know that the American metalcore group A Day To Remember will be on July 31, exclusively in Quebec, as part of a North American tour.

It is said that 3000 tickets would have been sold for this return to Quebec of the Florida quartet, seen previously at the Summer Festival, in 2019.

Little used

In recent years, the Agora has been used very little. The last major event held there was Agora Fest in 2019, a festival that featured Dennis DeYoung and Limp Bizkit.

During these beautiful years, the site saw the parade of Green Day, Deep Purple, Roger Waters, Iron Maiden and Bob Dylan. However, between the early 2010s and 2019, he had been deserted by rock stars.

The acrobats of the Flip Fabrique troupe also animated the place for a few summers a few years ago.


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