Beauty tool: for whom an (electric) face brush is worthwhile - and what you should consider

Some do it in the evening, some in the morning, some in the morning and in the evening: cleanse the face.

Beauty tool: for whom an (electric) face brush is worthwhile - and what you should consider

Some do it in the evening, some in the morning, some in the morning and in the evening: cleanse the face. It is an essential step in the grooming routine. In addition to various cleaning products or peelings, it can also be supplemented with an (electric) facial brush, which, among other things, is intended to clean the pores deep into the pores. We explain what the beauty tool can do.

A "manual" facial brush ensures that cleansing products are better worked into the skin and the pores are cleaned more effectively. It also removes scales and massages the skin. Care products can also be better absorbed after such a thorough cleaning. Manual brushes are mostly made of silicone because it is not so aggressive to the skin and easy to clean. There are also variants with soft bristles. To cleanse, first moisten the face with water, apply a cleansing product and then run the facial brush over the facial skin and work each area with it for a while.

An electric face brush, on the other hand, cleans the skin with ultrasonic vibrations. Of course, this makes it even more effective and faster than a manual model. These variants are mostly waterproof and sometimes even use a timer to let you know when to switch to the next part of the face. Most models have silicone bristles. Depending on your needs, different functions can be fulfilled with an electric face brush: some have soft brush heads for cleaning, others firmer ones for peeling. And then there are models with attachments that can incorporate care products after cleaning.

Regular use of a facial brush can make the complexion appear rosier and the pores can become clearer. Overall, the complexion can visibly improve. A massage with an electric facial brush is also good for the skin and stimulates the blood flow. In addition, working in care products with an electric brush is quick and easy. Some models also promise an anti-aging effect, with the facial brush intensively massaging different parts of the skin. However, this can only reduce the first wrinkles a little.

In principle, facial brushes are suitable for all skin types. Especially with problematic skin, using an electric facial brush can be useful to clean it thoroughly but gently. There are also special facial brushes for different skin types. Foreo, for example, has brushes

But be careful: In the case of severe and inflamed acne, you should avoid using a face brush, as it can spread bacteria from the skin all over the face. It is best to discuss the use with a dermatologist beforehand and get advice accordingly.

A facial brush is best used in addition to the care routine. It is best to use the care products that you already know and tolerate well, instead of using the products that are sometimes supplied. Especially if you have sensitive skin. For an effective cleaning routine, daily use with the cleaning brush is recommended - in the morning or in the evening. However, using them twice a day or more often can cause reddening of the skin and can do more harm than good. A European CE certificate should also be found on the product to avoid bad bristles or incorrect massage settings. If you have skin problems, you should always consult a dermatologist before using an (electric) facial brush.

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