Bearn: The "Coups de berets", dated May 28, are now available

Is this the end for soap opera? After two and a quarter years of being closed, the Lidl de Jurancon was reopened last Wednesday.

Bearn: The "Coups de berets", dated May 28, are now available

Is this the end for soap opera? After two and a quarter years of being closed, the Lidl de Jurancon was reopened last Wednesday. The first episode: In December 2019, the store was closed due to the collapse of a hill overlooking the site. Episode 2: After a thorough evaluation, Lidl decides that it will stay on the site. This angers Sepanso, an ecological association who would like to make the area a protected natural environment. Episode three: Lidl sends a force of bulldozers, machines and other tools to stabilize the hillside. Episode 4: The store reopens to the delight and satisfaction of customers who discover that it is very practical. A customer smiled, "Would you miss me coming here and all falling apart," she said. It will be necessary to plan for a second season in this instance.

The traditional presentation of the Summer In Pau festival will be held at the town hall on Wednesday. Alain Lacrampe (head of ACP), festival organizers, will have the opportunity to speak out about how complicated the war of festoches makes his job. Edwige Larralde must make do with a budget for 115,000 euros over a period of two weeks, while the big machine can ask for nearly 80,000 euros to be their exclusive headliner. This is why Summer in Pau can be described as "Un soir a Pau..."

Jean Lacoste (Pau culture assistant) recalled the importance of the festival in the Bearn's cultural landscape during the same conference. "How many concerts have there been since the first edition?" Alain Lacrampe replied "900 and some", but was unable to identify the unit. Jean Lacoste simplified: "Since there is a sense in proportion in this city let's just say almost a thousand concert," The Theatre de Verdure will soon host the two-millennium poet Horace with his slam "Measurement In All Things".

It is a sweet Jurancon, but it's also very sweet. Similar to maple syrup. This was the promise of Chateau Jolys, which was fulfilled by Quebecer Michel Boutin in 2019 The global pandemic meant that the new boss was unable to find his estate since then. This week, the Montrealer stepped in and opened the gates to the Ghent castle. The businessman, who has made his fortune in finance and senior residences, funeral directors, even wants to buy a second estate in this appellation. Lou Boutin Deu Jurancon is now in the right place.

L'Elan gets to smell the French basketball championship semi-finals this afternoon. It was a pleasure that has been denied for 16 years. Pau Lacq Orthez, who won match 1 in Strasbourg in the quarter-finals of 2017, brought an end to the drought. The Alsatians, however, had calmed the atmosphere by winning match 2 at Strasbourg Palace and match 3. Bibbins and his team would be well advised to not repeat this feat. They could surprise another player in the semi-finals with a win over Levallois and some luck. Strasbourg was the one they beat in Coupe de France. We want sequins and rhinestones!

Around fifty general practitioners from Bearn wrote an open letter to Emmanuel Macron this week. A heavy notebook containing grievances was used as a missive. There are many things to consider: overloaded offices and excessive solicitations. Yet, the profession is often viewed as corporatist. Others envision drastic solutions such as allowing doctors to be directed to tension areas by imposing a form constraint. This idea is in direct contradiction to the liberal practitioner's culture. Can the current crisis alter attitudes?

Romane Albanel made this very unfortunate discovery on Monday, May 23, 2009. The candidate for the Reconquest party! Eric Zemmour found a condom in his mailbox on the third circo to the legislative elections. She placed a handrail. It will have achieved consensus among its rivals. Les Republicains Fabienne Costedoat -Diu, as well as Rassemblement National Nicolas Cresson, stepped in to condemn this act. We hope that this episode doesn't affect the campaign's climate. Romane Albanel, for her part, stated that she would no longer leave the house without being accompanied.

This is one we haven’t heard from in a while. In recent days, the former mayor of Oloron, Herve Lucbereilh, broke the silence through a press release from his party, the National Center of Independents and Peasants, in support of Eric Zemmour's candidate for the 4th constituency of Pyrenees-Atlantiques, Margaux Taillefer. Lucbereilh vented his frustration on his family, Les Republicains, by saying: "The CNIP was surprised that in this constituency, which has been for 50 years one the flagships the Gaullist movement's Gaullist movement, Les Republicains couldn't find any candidate. As elsewhere, the new generation of managers will have shown that they are not prone to conviction. Let us pray: de profundis droitibus. No, Lucbereilh has a better place than Eric Zemmour's "base of values", convicted for embezzlement. That's the true right!