At home and on the go: foot warmers, heating pads, thermal insoles

There are people who freeze faster than others - indoors and outdoors.

At home and on the go: foot warmers, heating pads, thermal insoles

There are people who freeze faster than others - indoors and outdoors. For them, warming gadgets are ideal in the cold autumn and winter months, as many of them can be used not only at home, but also on the go. In addition, most devices are electrically operated. This means they can be recharged again and again and don't end up in the trash. Below you will find a selection of eight warming gadgets.

Anyone who tends to have cold feet is well advised to use this gadget: The 100 watt foot warmer from Medisana has three temperature levels and an automatic switch-off (after 90 minutes of running time). It is suitable for small and large feet - according to the manufacturer up to shoe size 46. The soft inner lining can also be removed and washed.

These extra thin sole warmers from The Heat Company are suitable for cold feet outdoors. According to the manufacturer, they fit into any shoe and should provide heat for up to eight hours. They are available in four different sizes (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large) and heat up automatically after being unpacked through contact with air.

The situation is similar with The Heat Company's pocket warmers: They fit in any jacket pocket, but can also be used under gloves. According to the manufacturer, once activated in the air, the heat lasts for up to twelve hours. The only downside: Unfortunately, the heat pads are not reusable.

Unlike the heat pads, this electric hand warmer from Ocoopa is rechargeable thanks to its 5000 mAh battery. The two-part device has four heating levels (from pleasantly warm to hot) and can be used individually or divided thanks to an integrated magnet - without losing heat. According to the manufacturer, this lasts up to eight hours on a low setting.

Heated gloves, for example from the Jkevow brand, are said to be even more suitable for cycling, hiking, motorcycling or skiing in winter: Powered by two 5V 4000mAh Li-ion batteries that can be recharged, the model has three different heating levels. The gloves also have a touch function on the thumb and index finger.

This electric heating pad from Bedsure is designed to provide cozy warmth on the sofa, in bed or while working. Thanks to its size and an included elastic band, the gadget can be attached to different areas of the body (such as around the stomach or back). It has six temperature levels, an automatic switch-off and overheating protection.

Unlike a classic hot water bottle, this model from Unold is electrically operated - and therefore (according to the manufacturer and ambient temperature) keeps you warm for several hours. The heating phase takes around ten minutes, after which the hot water bottle reaches a temperature of up to 65 degrees. Of course, there is also integrated overheating protection here.

Admittedly, this gadget doesn't keep hands and feet warm, but rather coffee or tea. Anyone who would like to enjoy their favorite drink hotter without it cooling down so quickly will be satisfied with this device: According to the manufacturer, the coffee warmer has two temperature levels and it switches off automatically after eight hours.

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