Apply for a scholarship as a stern photographer

Every year, the editorial team of STERN awards a scholarship to an outstanding photojournalist with a degree in the visual field.

Apply for a scholarship as a stern photographer

Every year, the editorial team of STERN awards a scholarship to an outstanding photojournalist with a degree in the visual field.

The scholarship includes an annual contract at STERN, within which the scholarship holder works as a permanent member of the Hamburg editorial team. The young talent is given the chance to publish their works and gain work experience. Together with the STERN editors, he/she deals with current events journalistically and photographically – both at home and abroad. The focus is on modern portrait and reportage photography, for which the STERN repeatedly receives awards.

2023 Jana Mai

2022 Saw Kardash

2021 Maximilian Mann

2020 Max Arens

2019 Caroline Diaper

2018 Philip von Ditfurth

2017 Tamina-Florentine train

2016 Jonas Wresch

2015 Sonja Och

2014 Christopher Finn

2013 Philip Spalek

2013 Franz Bischof

You will have the chance to work for STERN for a year. During your scholarship, you will work exclusively and on a fixed contract basis for STERN and receive a gross monthly salary of 2,800 euros. With STERN editors at home and abroad, you will engage journalistically and photographically and work together to develop current affairs topics in order to implement them in a visually impressive way. During this time you will have a job in the STERN photo editorial team in Hamburg. You can participate in the creation of topics and stories from the very beginning and have the opportunity to gain insights into how a large editorial team and its individual departments work.

Convince us – and qualify with your expressive photographic work. Applications are only possible digitally and can be uploaded on this page from February 1, 2024 to February 14, 2024.

At the time of application you must meet the following requirements:

We need the following documents from you in digital form:

The application period begins on February 1, 2024 and ends on February 14, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

Please only use the online application option. (The form is visible below this text during the application period.)

A scholarship lasting one year will be awarded.

2024 scholarship date: August 1, 2024 to July 31, 2025

Andreas NylandAndreas Nyland studied visual communication at the FH Düsseldorf. After working in advertising, he was, among other things, art director for “Allegra” and “STERN Gesund leben”. He is currently managing designer at STERN.

Andreas KronawittAndreas Kronawitt studied visual communication at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. He is a qualified designer and worked as a freelance photographer for many years before joining the photo editorial team at STERN.

Andreas TrampeAndreas Trampe worked as a photo reporter for seven years and was then head of photography at “Bild am Sonntag”. He has been working in the photo editorial department at STERN since 1996. He is a member of the German Society for Photography and works closely with the Hannover University of Applied Sciences to promote young photographers.

Cornelia FuchsSince June 2021, Cornelia Fuchs has been responsible for the content of stern PLUS, STERN's digital subscription offer. Previously, she headed STERN's foreign department for eight years and, before that, reported from London as a correspondent for six years. She has been writing for STERN since 1999 - back then from Afghanistan, India, Egypt, Ethiopia and many other countries on the topics of human rights, refugees, health policy and, above all, the situation of women and girls.

Orsolya GroenewoldOrsolya Groenewold studied Slavic studies and literature at the University of Budapest. At the end of the 1980s she moved to Germany and began working at the Gruner Jahr publishing house and as a freelance photo editor for various magazines such as “Der Spiegel”, “FTD Weekend”, “Die Woche” and others. She has been a member of the STERN photo editorial team since 2000 and was responsible, among other things, for the science, culture, travel and leisure departments as well as several line extensions for Gruner Jahr.

Still questions? Then please send us an email to:

Important note: The maximum upload file sizes are 30 MB for the portfolio and 1 MB each for the cover letter, CV and diplomas.

During the application period from February 1st, 2024 - February 14th, 2024, an online application form can be seen here.

By submitting the online form, participants accept the conditions of participation and assure that they took the photographs themselves, hold all the necessary rights and that all information provided as part of the application is true. You agree that publications in connection with the submitted work and the people involved are expressly permitted. You agree that the application documents will be stored for the duration of the application and selection process and passed on to the jury. The submitted documents will not be returned and will be deleted after the selection process has been completed. After the selection process has ended, participants will be informed of the outcome of their application within a reasonable period of time. Legal recourse is excluded. The jury's decision is final. Data protection information about the STERN scholarship can be found here.