Anti-Aging: Why it's right to age and how to keep your skin healthy

There is no miracle weapon against skin aging.

Anti-Aging: Why it's right to age and how to keep your skin healthy

There is no miracle weapon against skin aging. However, that is not a problem, because everyone ages, whether man or woman. It is a natural biological process and means you are alive. Nevertheless, wrinkles and sagging skin are considered unsightly, so the cosmetics industry is promoting numerous anti-aging products. Basically, anti-aging means as much as anti-aging, i.e. not aging. Biologically, however, this is not possible, so that one would have to speak of cosmetics that slow down the skin aging process. You can actually have a positive influence on this process, although of course individual factors such as genes also play a role in skin aging. Read here which active ingredients can keep the skin healthy and smooth out small wrinkles and what role your lifestyle can play.

The skin is the largest organ and can only be considered in relation to your body. What you put into your body therefore has a major impact on your skin and your well-being. Therefore, before you resort to anti-aging products, you should ensure a healthy lifestyle. That means eating a balanced diet, drinking enough fluids and getting regular exercise. In particular, the supply of enough liquid has a positive effect on the skin and can provide more elasticity and resilience. Tap, mineral, spring, and table water are the best sources for healthy hydration. But you also get liquid from solid food, such as vegetables and fruit.

UV radiation is largely responsible for premature skin aging. If you expose yourself to the sun without protection, you risk more wrinkles and pigment spots. The best anti-aging product is therefore a product with a sun protection factor. This applies not only to summer, but also to autumn, winter and spring. Because even on cloudy days you expose your skin to UV radiation. For daily use, it is worth investing in a sunscreen or sungel that is especially suitable for the face. For example, this sun lotion with sun protection factor 50.

The optimal care should be tailored to the individual needs of your skin, because the skin changes and has different needs with increasing age. Special anti-aging products can stimulate and increase the subcutaneous tissue. In this way you tighten the upper layer of skin and can visibly reduce wrinkles. In order to achieve a visible effect, however, you must use active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin A or C regularly, because the effect is temporary.

Anti-aging ingredient: hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is said to ensure smooth and radiant skin as well as strong nails and shiny hair. The body itself produces hyaluronic acid because it is an integral part of connective tissue. The special thing about hyaluronic acid: It can store up to six liters of water. From the mid-20s, however, the natural hyaluronic acid in the connective tissue begins to decrease, resulting in the first wrinkles. Cosmetic products with the active ingredient hyaluronic acid can therefore have a positive effect on the skin and optically smooth small wrinkles. There are various care products from creams and serums to make-up and ampoules to drink. According to dermatologists, creams and serums achieve the best results, and make-up with hyaluronic acid can also have a positive effect. According to experts, drinking hyaluronic acid is less effective (in this article you will find all the dermatologist's statements about the active ingredient hyaluronic acid). For example, use a hyaluronic acid serum that you can apply daily before bed.

Anti-aging ingredient: retinol (vitamin A)

Retinol serums are said to give the skin more elasticity and a young appearance. The active ingredient vitamin A is responsible. It is said to have positive effects on skin formation. Vitamin A can actually promote the formation of horny cells, which make up the top layer of the skin. Furthermore, the vitamin is said to stimulate the production of collagen, which is needed in the lower layers of the skin to make the skin firm and flexible. Therefore, using a retinol serum can actually smooth the skin and be useful as an anti-aging product. However, when using vitamin A, note that the maximum daily dose for adults, according to the German Society for Nutrition, is three milligrams. You can usually achieve this value with a balanced diet, which is why the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) warns against overdosing and recommends limiting the use of cosmetic products to facial and hand care. Also, always wear sunscreen when using a retinol serum, as it makes the skin more sensitive to UV rays.

Anti-aging ingredient: vitamin C

Radical scavengers can also be effective in terms of anti-aging. This applies, for example, to the effects of vitamins C and E, which can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables. These substances can mitigate the negative effects of UV radiation on the skin. Vitamin C serums can protect the collagen and elastin of the connective tissue in the subcutaneous fatty tissue, so that the skin can appear less wrinkled. It is important that you should always use products with these active ingredients in combination with effective sun protection because the skin becomes even more sensitive to UV radiation.

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