Ann Turner Cook, the Gerber original baby, is dead at 95


Ann Turner Cook, the Gerber original baby, is dead at 95

TAMPA FL. aEUR Ann Turner Cook, whose cherubic face was known all over the globe as the original Gerber child, has passed away. She was 95.

Gerber posted an Instagram message on Friday announcing Cook's passing.

The company stated that "many years before becoming an exceptional mother, teacher, and writer, her smile, expressive curiosity, captured hearts everywhere and will continue being a symbol of all babies."

Cook was five months old when Dorothy Hope Smith, a neighbor artist, sketched a charcoal drawing of her. This was submitted to Gerber's contest for a national campaign for baby foods.

This image became a huge hit and was adopted by all advertising and packaging ever since.

The identity of the baby has been kept secret for decades. Rumours about it arose over the years, with some guesses like Elizabeth Taylor and Humphrey Bogart.

It was later revealed that Cook was the culprit. He was a Tampa, Fla., English teacher and then a mystery writer.

Cook stated to The Associated Press that her mother had once told her that she was the child in the illustration when she was a young girl.

She stated, "If you're going be a symbol of something, what could possibly be more pleasant than a baby food symbol?"

She said that the image was appealing because all babies are attractive. Drawing is so popular because the artist captured the appeal all babies have.