Ancelotti: "Hazard stays"

MADRID, 14 May.

Ancelotti: "Hazard stays"


The Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has confirmed that the Belgian striker Eden Hazard will continue in the white team next season and that he will try to "show his quality", as well as insisting that the team has "concentration, commitment and intensity" and that he will maintain all these qualities in this Sunday's LaLiga Santander match against Cádiz.

"I haven't talked about it with Hazard because it's quite clear: he stays, and he stays with a lot of motivation. He wants to show his quality next year," he declared at a press conference, in which the future of other players did not advance . "We haven't talked to the club about what we're going to do next season. After the final we'll talk about everyone, including Marcelo's situation," he added.

In addition, he explained that "none" of his footballers has "disappointed" him this course. "Each one of them has done their job well and with professionalism. Those I knew less have surprised me: Valverde, Rodrygo and Camavinga. Vinícius has improved his aim", he affirmed. "It's a locker room of a very high, professional level. There are no arrogant people here, they are respectful of everyone. He has a great quality of character. It hasn't been easy to find him in my career, there are locker rooms that are more complicated," he continued.

"With a more complete squad you can rotate more. Being a starter in a great team is very complicated for everyone. I still think that the number of minutes is not as important as the quality. The example is Rodrygo, who has made the difference despite have fewer minutes," he said.

Regarding this Sunday's duel against Cádiz at the Nuevo Mirandilla, the Italian coach confirmed that both the Brazilian Vinícius and the Belgian Thibaut Courtois will rest. "They deserved it. Carvajal, Ceballos, Hazard are back... We're doing the plan well and next week they'll all be back," he said.

He also considers that the squad is focused despite having mathematically won LaLiga Santander. "The players know the goal very well, how we have to get there, have concentration, commitment and intensity. We have to have that in tomorrow's game, play well and try to win it," he said. "The next two weeks we are going to put in a good job to be ready for the final," he continued.

In another order of things, he valued the statements of Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah, whom he will try to stop in the Champions League final, and who defined himself as the best in the world in his position. "He is right, because he is a left-footed right winger that is not easy to find in the world market," he stressed.

Also, one day before San Isidro, he confessed his love for Madrid. "It is a city in which people are more happy than angry, people live well, there is a good atmosphere. Madrid is to live, not to go on vacation," she asserted.

Finally, Ancelotti reflected on victory and defeat in sport. "He who is capable of losing is also capable of winning. It has happened to me and it has happened to everyone, these are sad moments, but this is just sport. You have to look forward with more strength and energy," he concluded.