An incredible fresco

With this magnificent novel which has nearly 700 pages, the famous Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk takes us to 1901, at a time when the plague was still raging in certain corners of the world.

An incredible fresco

With this magnificent novel which has nearly 700 pages, the famous Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk takes us to 1901, at a time when the plague was still raging in certain corners of the world.

When you are a writer, you can do anything. Absolutely everything. Even to invent an island that will be nothing less than the "Pearl of the Eastern Mediterranean". But as beautiful and wonderful as it is, Mingher Island will not be immune to the worst: according to rumors, it seems that an epidemic of plague from the East has begun to wreak havoc there.

Luckily, the chemist and great epidemic specialist Bonkowski Pasha, acting on the orders of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, is already on his way. With the implementation of adequate sanitary measures – does that ring a bell? – he quickly succeeded in curbing the plague epidemic which had broken out in the Turkish city of Smyrna and a priori, he should be able to do the same in Mingher.

Attacking evil at its root

If we say "a priori", it is because in practice, things will soon turn out badly. There will be many deaths due to the plague, but there will also be a murder: that of Bonkowski Pasha.--- And as you can imagine, the Sultan will not like it. The latter will also instruct the young doctor Nuri Pasha to discover who may well be at the origin of this assassination and it is thanks to the letters of his new wife, Princess Sultana Pakizê, that we will know more about this period. a bit murky from the Ottoman Empire.

An abundant book in which intermingle investigation, love stories, historical fresco and novel-river.

The Nelson Kerr case

Bruce Cable, whom we have already met in The Fitzgerald case, runs a small bookstore on Camino Island, off the coast of Florida. The problem? Leo, a Category 3 Cyclone, is heading straight for it. And despite the evacuation order that has been given, some people will decide to stay. Including Bruce and his old friend Nelson Kerr, who will unfortunately be found dead after the storm. An accidental death? Bruce, who doesn't think so, will investigate.

three wishes

This is the very first novel by Australian author Liane Moriarty, who went on to sign many bestsellers, including Little Secrets, Big Lies. Published in 2003, we can now read it in French and discover the often incredible daily life of triplets Lyn, Cat and Gemma Kettle. A light and pleasant read that has the merit of making you smile.

The art of BBQ

Now that the mercury has finally crossed the 25 degree mark, it's hard to resist the urge to cook everything on the barbecue! With this new cookbook dedicated to the art of grilling — it's their third! —, the brothers Max and JP Lavoie have once again gone out of their way to delight us by offering dishes that are tastier than ever. Really, the must of the summer season.

The detective story in French America -3 (2011-2020)

Considered THE great specialist in detective novels in French America, Norbert Spehner has given himself a whole mandate: to draw up a complete list of thrillers from here that were written between 2011 and 2020, including the French versions of thrillers from of English-Canadian authors. So, if you don't know what to read this summer, this fantastic book will certainly give you a host of ideas.

The trap

The cover of this psychological novel reads: "The best thriller of the year - by far! It's a bit of an exaggeration, but that doesn't prevent this book from being very interesting all the same.

His main character? Jacob (Jake) Finch Bonner, who dreamed all his life of becoming a successful writer. Except that after publishing the novel that propelled him onto the literary scene when he was in his early twenties, he didn't write anything good anymore. As a result, he had to turn to teaching to survive and today he gives creative writing workshops at a small university in Vermont.

In the mouth of the wolf

This is how he will meet Evan Parker, a student of the splitting genre who will boast of having in mind a story so great that it will necessarily be a bestseller. But by dying too soon, he will not have time to write it. An opportunity that Jake will not let pass and, indeed, he will know the glory thanks to this incredible intrigue. The only problem is, someone knows Jake stole the idea. And that someone will soon make his life hell.

Attention ! The ending is quite spectacular!