An animal in the package: Burrita the cat is accidentally sent in the mail

This article first appeared on RTL.

An animal in the package: Burrita the cat is accidentally sent in the mail

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It should only be a hand lawn mower in it, a bargain bought on Ebay. But what Marvin Knutzen from Schleswig also found in his package was something he didn't expect at all.

Bought a hand lawn mower on eBay – the package arrives. So far so good. But when Marvin Knutzen from Schleswig opens the program, he is shocked, as the "Schleswig-Holsteinische Zeitungsverlag" (shz) reports. Because in addition to the purchased goods, there is also a cat in the package. "I thought it was a joke," Knutzen tells "shz". The animal lies motionless in the box. Marvin Knutzen and his wife fear the worst. "We assumed the cat was dead," he says. But then a sign of life: "But then we noticed that she was still breathing."

A call to the police followed. She advises him to contact the animal shelter and the seller of the lawnmower. She's amazed when Knutzen asks her if she has a cat. According to "shz", Susanne Schneider thinks "Not just one" and suspects that there could only be a few cat hairs in the package. When she then finds out that Burrita the cat was sent along completely, she is horrified when she tells the "shz".

The shock is followed by relief, the animal is fine. Because that is what Susanne Schneider is also committed to. She works voluntarily in animal protection and takes in neglected and abandoned cats on her farm in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. She has "a few more cats than usual", so the disappearance was not noticed either, she tells the "shz". "She must have been hiding under all the packaging material," the owner suspects. Luckily only one night, that probably saved the animal's life.

The Schleswig Animal Welfare Association wants to ensure that the animal and its owner get back together. Because they are sure that the whole thing was really just a mistake. "Susanne Schneider is an absolute cat lover and totally committed," says Chairwoman Yvonne Wiegers-von Wegner of "shz". The handover should happen in the next few days. Then, however, Burrita is not sent in a package, but rather transported safely by car.

At the request of RTL, the animal protection association reports that those involved are now being overwhelmed by press inquiries. Animal and owner now want to come to rest.