Alliance de Montréal: a heart that beats to the sound of balloons

The Montreal Alliance is taking shape.

Alliance de Montréal: a heart that beats to the sound of balloons

The Montreal Alliance is taking shape. Hearing the sound of the balloons resound on the court installed at the Verdun Auditorium on Monday morning, Annie Larouche, vice-president of operations, experienced great emotions.

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“We see it slowly come to life and the last thing missing are the players on the court, she noted, praising the facilities of the new Canadian Elite Basketball League team. We see them arrive, there is the distribution of jerseys and when we hear the first balloons resonate on the field, we see that we have reached there. At last!"

From the first day of the camp, it was possible to feel the frenzy. And that is likely to increase more and more in view of the first game, May 25 in Hamilton, and then during the local opener, Sunday, May 29. Already, tickets are flying for the first home game, which is likely to be sold out, in front of 3,700 people.

“I want it to be filled with every game here, wished the player of the Alliance, Kemy Ossé, with a big smile. I hope the fans will connect with us and that we will put on a good show.”

In front of the family

For many Quebec players on the team, it will be a great opportunity to play in front of family and friends. Ossé is particularly eager to shine in front of his mother Primuse and his father Sylvio.

"My parents may have seen me play four times in my life," Ossé said, noting the most recent was in 2017 when he last played at home with the University of Arkansas Trojans. /Little Rock, in the NCAA. It's going to be really special this year. We are several Quebecers who will have our families here to see us at every game.

A pair of brothers

Nathan Cayo is fortunate to have his little brother Samuel among his teammates, although the latter is limited to the training team.

"Not only am I playing for Montreal, but with my brother on the team, it's a blessing," Cayo said. We played together at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, in my last year in Montreal, and it was a great experience. He and I are excited, it's like a dream."

- The Alliance announced the hiring of another player on Monday, American Sherwood Brown. This has evolved in Europe during the most recent campaign, specifically in Finland and Romania.