Alessia Herren: She announces her pregnancy

Alessia Herren (20) announced her pregnancy.

Alessia Herren: She announces her pregnancy

Alessia Herren (20) announced her pregnancy. "Finally I can tell you: Yeah, I'm pregnant," writes Herren in an Instagram post. In addition, she published pictures by photographer Kadir Ilboga, on which she poses with a baby bump and ultrasound images in her hand.

"That's life: something beautiful goes and something beautiful comes," continues the reality TV actress. Her heart's desire and that of her partner was to become parents. For the two of them, the pregnancy is now “a sign of my forever beloved, unforgotten father, because the child is due in April 2023, the month when my father unfortunately left us. I wish so much that the child a little Willi. Daddy we love you." The actor and party singer Willi Herren (1975-2021) died on April 20, 2021 at the age of only 45.

According to a statement, Alessia Herren's pregnancy is also discussed in the current episode of "The Real Life" (new episodes on RTL every Monday and Wednesday). In the reality format, a circle of friends made up of reality TV stars is accompanied in their everyday lives. "I'm in the fourth month," Herren reveals to her friends in the episode and says that she was physically very bad in the first three months and she lost four to five kilos. But now she's doing better.

Alessia Herren says about her father: "Two years ago I asked him: 'Dad, if I ever have a child, will you support me?' He always stood by me. He said: 'Of course, my princess.'" Her father would be "super proud" of all this and also know that she will master it all, says the 20-year-old. "I love children. And my father loved my partner very much too. It's just a sign, a gift from my father."

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