A.J. Brown says to Titans fan: "I was the greatest receiver to play for you franchise."


A.J. Brown says to Titans fan: "I was the greatest receiver to play for you franchise."

A.J. was traded from Titans to Eagles just weeks after he had been traded. Brown continues to have problems with Titans fans.

Brown cancelled an appearance at a Tennessee football camp last month because of fears that Titans fans might be too overzealous. Brown now spars online with a Titans fan.

Brown misunderstood weather forecasts. A Titans fan tweeted at Brown, "For God's sake, please stay off social media." You are already a villain. It doesn't need to be a stupid villain.

Brown was quick to respond.

"For the love and favor of God, I was the best player to play for your franchise. Move on. Brown wrote, "You mad at the wrong people."

Although it's not unusual for fans to become bitter about a player once he's been traded, there seems to have been more animosity between Brown and Titans fans. The question of Brown being the greatest receiver in franchise history is still open. It's rare that a Hall of Fame wide receiver has played significant time for the Titans in Tennessee or their previous form as the Houston Oilers. It's difficult to name Brown, who had 2,995 yards receiving in his three seasons, the greatest receiver in franchise history.

Ernest Givens, the all time franchise leader with 7,935 yards of receiving, Charley Hennigan who twice led American Football League receiving yards, and Derrick Mason who had four 1,000-yard receiving seasons while a Titan, would likely be the winner. Brown's three years as a Tennessee Titan don't qualify him for this class.

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