Advent 2022: The perfect Christmas market outfit

Anyone who thinks that mulled wine is the only must-have at the Christmas market is wrong.

Advent 2022: The perfect Christmas market outfit

Anyone who thinks that mulled wine is the only must-have at the Christmas market is wrong. In order for a visit to be remembered well, it depends on the right outfit. In order to be able to enjoy a relaxed afternoon or evening without freezing at the Christmas market, it is worth giving a lot of thought to your choice of wardrobe beforehand. This could be the perfect Christmas market outfit:

Standing with cold feet between the mulled wine and food stands doesn't sound very tempting. It is therefore advisable to put on thick, lined winter boots when visiting the Advent market. These may not be able to keep up optically with the new chic boots, but they ensure a comfortable feeling on the toes. They are also more robust in case someone steps on your toes in the scramble for the next cup of Feuerzangenbowle. The warming effect is further enhanced by thick wool socks or thermal tights.

It continues with the legs. If you want thick thermal tights, you can either wear a trendy knitted dress over them or loose-fitting jeans with a wide cut. Relaxed jeans are the big trend in winter 2022. As an alternative to tights, you can of course also use ski underwear made of merino wool or another material.

In order to keep the upper body warm, the layering concept should be heeded. It could be the following combination: as a base a basic top as an undershirt, over that a classic turtleneck sweater in black, gray or light cream tones. The next layer is a cozy knitted cardigan or jumper - preferably cut oversized. Anyone who decides to stop off at a bar after visiting the market can adapt their outfit to the room temperature by using different layers.

The heart of the Christmas market outfit is the jacket. Puffer jackets and puffer coats are particularly popular this year. A quilted coat that reaches down to the ankles, together with a delicious mulled wine in your hand, ensures a cozy and warm feeling between the Christmas booths. If you would like to use the outfit to make statements, you can choose a coat in a bright trend color such as light blue, orange or green when choosing the coat. It can be done in a very classic way - as actress and podcaster Marie Nasemann (33) demonstrates on her Instagram channel - but also on a model in a restrained color.

Last but not least, the accessories should not be missing from the Christmas market outfit. If the turtleneck sweater is not enough to warm your neck, it is best to combine a cozy scarf with the coat. A knit hat or headband will keep your ears warm, while gloves are a must on your fingers. When it comes to accessories, you can go for bright colors in line with the dopamine dressing trend. It is only important that the colors of the outfit match and appear harmonious in the overall picture. Influencer and model Charlotte Kuhrt shows on her Instagram channel how colors can be harmoniously combined.