A white coat can help you avoid the 'green' scourge

He was the one who many people met on April 16, when he said "no" to Pablo Iglesias.

A white coat can help you avoid the 'green' scourge

He was the one who many people met on April 16, when he said "no" to Pablo Iglesias. He said that women are tired of dirty work and asked him to let them go. Isabel Diaz Ayuso had already been dealing with the pandemic for over a year when Monica Garcia (Madrid 1974) was the greatest scourge. An anesthesiologist at Hospital 12 de Octubre she was on the frontline of battle when an unknown microscopic disease brought down the public health system. After she had finished her shift, she went to the Assembly to share her story with a regional president who was denying her the best of hers.

Garcia is the protagonist of Madrid politics, and his involvement in public affairs has come from the back. He started out as a spokesperson for the Association of Specialist Physicians. Then he joined the White Tide, which has spent a decade decrying the privatizations of PP in public healthcare and eventually landed in the regional parliament at the hands of Podemos. In 2015, he received the certificate by the hair. He then began a remarkable political career.

Inigo Errejon made it clear that 2019 was the year of the split. They needed to include the indomitable, vehement anesthetist, who was also at risk of being dropped from the purple lists. Garcia was more associated with the pragmatic ideas of the European "green" wave than radical leftism and was quick to accept. A few months later Errejon left to expand the Mas Madrid phenomenon across the country. This was his last chance. He has not wasted it.

Garcia brings Garcia's medical condition to the gala. Garcia not only shows his technical knowledge to address health debates, but also displays the calm and tension required in an operating room. Locals and strangers have been impressed by her campaign. She has shown a positive, friendly face throughout the campaign. This is far from the aggressive personality she had planned for the 4-M race. He was already warned by her when she turned down Iglesias’ convergence offer. "No more testosterone!"

The More Madrid applicant spoke with a conciliatory, but firm tone. While the other candidates proclaimed democracy or fascism, or communism or freedom, he focused his discussion on primary care, environmentalism, and family. It is the triumphant victory of normality in elections that has too many doses.

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