A crowd of fans welcomes the New Zealand team of rugby legends

In the sun, some formal chairs.

A crowd of fans welcomes the New Zealand team of rugby legends

In the sun, some formal chairs. And to the Authorities, who missed the great little detail that rugby, in Spain, is beginning to be a mass sport. The kids from the Vallecas Rugby School were proclaiming it, they already have "a song" and according to one of their little players they are preparing their 'haka'. And it is that History, in the Plaza de Oriente, has gone a long way for the Classic All Blacks, those Harlem Globetrotters of world rugby, to intimidate with fake lies with their famous war dance, which is also a symbol of respect in a sport courteous par excellence. See, the people of Madrid saw little, uploaded with the police came in the historic streetlights that illuminate the Royal Palace.

Where New Zealanders would go, another war cry was heard not long ago; the unofficial hymn of the Legion, that 'Boyfriend of Death' at WYD. Although it was the children in charge of receiving the All Blacks in something that, on a holiday, had the colors of a crowd. Already an hour before, rugby was mixing former players and fans who took positions around the stage, not elevated, where the 'haka' and the municipal speeches took place, which were brief as far as Villacís and the mayor were concerned. That a five-year-old boy wore the mythical New Zealand shirt on the shoulders of his father represented the most vivid image of the interweaving of this sport for gentlemen in Spain. Someone said "New Zealand", and a lady pointed out that her grandson lived "over there, in Amsterdam".

And rugby in the center of Madrid, which even brought melancholy to its most recent practitioners while the native 'lions' and New Zealanders arrived in a photograph, all wearing straw hats, which to the most observant -and optimistic- evoked Olympic dreams that they did not arrive

Jara, in the urban scrum, ate a sandwich and remembered her times "playing in Politics", while her friend Lioba, if not a practitioner, had become a fan of this sport out of friendship. Not very tall and sweating through the lycra of his Peñarol Rugby shirt, Juan, who played in the Uruguayan Punta del Este Seven, recalled the times that in those fields that Eduardo Galeano sang he saw this Maori dance that on Monday changed the traditional pasodoble by battle cries, sports battle in this case. Or Giselle, a Brazilian «from Madrid» who has indeed lived in the first person and in the Maori reserves the atavistic cry of the primitive inhabitant of our antipodes.

Then, after the speeches of Begoña Villacís, the mayor and the two titanic captains of the oval ball, the dance came to the applause of all. That they were complaining, yes, that a stage was missing because between children with great command of the mobile and tall people from Madrid, they only perceived the heads and the New Zealand roar that, strictly speaking, more than hearing was intuited.

Antonio reflected with his sweaty bald head and with the resignation of not peeking at his idols on two aspects that refuted and agreed with Almeida at the same time. Yes, that on the 21st the Wanda must be filled, but also that the Calderón "should have been left for rugby."

In the distance, and when Madrid applauded and convincingly fired the team of New Zealand legends, Benito Prieto Conde recalled that he, who played in Architecture, faced a New Zealand team at the University. It was "so many years" ago that he only remembered that they lost by more than ninety and that they were "true towers" that "took you even unintentionally."

Rugby became the new tradition of San Isidro. The mayor urged people to play sports to the best of their ability, and the sport involved climbing a lamppost to witness a historic moment. As historical is everything that happens in front of the Royal Palace.